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Giza - Valley of the Kings

Ive spent a lot of time (a month in all at final testing and debugging!) developing units, altering tags, fixing bitmaps etc.
Finally I produced the end product, which you see here.
I must confess, I have always rushed to publish a map, but I hope that this one will redeem me!
This map uses altered and 'new' units as follows:

Pharaoh :primary attack: punch
secondary attack: healing (mana based)

Taskmaster :primary attack: taskmaster whip
secondary attack: lightning (distance)

Pheonix :primary atack: bite
secondary attack: flame burst (distance)

All the units colors have been set to go with the desert scene. There is a lot of scenery to be looked at, so take the time to roam around. Excavations, sphinxes, ruined temples, tower ruins, etc.

The Units are as follows:
default / invis
16 6 warriors
0 2 trow
1 1 taskmaster
4 0 wight
4 2 dwarf mortar
20 6 soulless
1 - pharaoh
12 6 thrall throwers*
1 - pheonix (legendary)

Hunting targets are peasants
Assassin targets are Pharaoh

There is a digging team on the map... feel free to blow them away....

this map made in whole or part with Bungies™ Fear™ and Loathing™ 2001 all rights reserved
with the enlisted help of Amber™, Jade™, and Tag Extractor™.

Thanks to Bungie for the use of these tools, and to any third party apps involved.

Thanks to all the testers: shaman, dash ripcock, cuniac, ghol master, the rest of the «/Ws» team, azrael, cid, pheonixle, jafa •LOA•, lemures. Sorry for those of whom I havent listed! THANK YOU ALL for your help!!!!!

Any questions or comments?
cam degray «/Ws»:

*thrall throwers can pick up small objects and throw them. (ie:mortars )

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