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Gimble in the Head
By Haravikk

Thank you for downloading Gimble in the Head! This simple plug-in is a head-to-head variation of Gimble in the Wabe designed for play with four or two teams while retaining the classic Gimble gameplay that we all know and love. This plugin was actually created by the request of Princepawn of GrU (Gimble r' Us), an all gimble, all the time order who excel at...Gimble in the Wabe!

Installing this plugin (and many other plugins) is very simple. All you have to do is take the included file named "Gimble in the Head" and move or copy it to the folder named "Plugins" within your Myth 2 directory (most likely named "Myth 2 ").

Once you have included the file simply log-on to either playmyth or mariusnet ( http://www.playmyth.net and http://www.mariusnet.com respectively) and create a new a multiplayer game. To access this plugin you need to click the "Plugins" button and select it in the list on the left then click the little arrow pointing right to move it to the right.

* assuming you are playing Myth 2 version 1.4 or later

All meshes are multiplayer and feature the same game types and unit sets as Gimble.

Gimble in the Head - East
Gimble in the Head - North
Gimble in the Head - South

All three of these maps are two start maps playing with neighbouring starts from the East side, North side and South side respectively for quick 1 v 1 or two team battles.

Gimble on the Brain - North East
Gimble on the Brain - North & South
Gimble on the Brain - South East

These three are four start maps and in the same way as the previous three use the sides that they are named after. These are best for FFA matches with only a few players.

Original and greatest map by Bungie. You own us Bungie!
Meshes and pregames by Haravikk
Concept by Princepawn and GrU

Copyright 2003 in whole or in part Take Two Interactive Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by haravikk (haravikk@projectmagma.net) of projectmagma (http://www.projectmagma.net).

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