; Mythgraveyard

 You have just downloaded a plugin that will probably take over your life and force you never to play any other map again....be warned (jk)

Ok on a more serious note...This map have been designed for you by Strike of LoA. Giant Warz™ is a collection of 3 maps all built around the same colour map. On every map in Giant Warz™ the main unit is a Myrkridia Giant (BELIEVE IT OR NOT) between the map you will find these awsome beinging in different quantities and difirent number of teams. in maps like Assassin and Stampede the Giants are accompanied by small mykridia or a trow. All the maps in the mapset are set in snow :) the map also features pools of water for interest as well as any tactical uses for them

Let me tell you know about the 3 maps in more detail.

Giant Warz™ :- is the main map from the mapset it used exactly the same units as ther popular GFG series but it places the units in a snowfield instead of a forest. The map uses the system of differnet numbers of giants for each difficulty level. So on this 4 team map you get 1 giant per team on timid setting, 2 on simple, 3 on normal, 4 on heroic and 5 on legendary.

Giant Warz™ - The Great Confrontation :- Is a 2 start location map. it presents an awsome amount of giants per team (16 on legendary). This mean that 16 players can play and control 2 giants each. (timid = 2 giants , simple = 6 giants , normal = 10 giants , heroic = 14 giants and legendary = 16 giants per team)

Giant Warz™ - Elimination : - feature 12 starting locations and 1 giant per team whatever difficulty setting you choose. not all giants are postioned at the edge (some are nearer the middle than others) This map only feature the gametpyes bc, lmoth, koth and stb.

well that concludes the look at the maps i have made for you, now go off and play and HAVE FUN!!!

note : - this map (as far as i know) does not contain and of the bugs common to some gametypes in the GFG maps. If any bugs are found which cripple the playability of a certain game type please email me.

CREDITS (other than myself)
-Mix and Enigman for thinking up the whole giant fighting idea
-DJ Clue for presenting me with the idea that the map should be set in the snow
-Willis and other LoA members who will have tried every trick in the book to get this map out to you :)

If you are my bud you may find a unit or too named after yourself :) Some plays know for there outstanding gianting skills also have a giant named afetr them :D

"Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungies Fear and loathing by: Paul Holloway, pholloway8@hotmail.com"

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