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Giant Warz 2 Plugin gor MYTH II


I. Introduction
II. Entering the Tourney
III. Bugs (report them)
IV. Note from Strike
V. Credits

I. Introduction

Well here is Ginat Warz 2, the sequel to Giant Warz. For this sequel the map had been totally reworked and has a awsome new theme. The first was snow, this is set in River country. The water is to deep for anyone to entre but it provideds the perfect backdrop for the arena where Ginat Warz is held every year by the Myrkridians. The Myrkridians travel mile just to compete in this event. Young and old, love to watch the carnage. The competion can take place in 1 of 4 kinds at once and the number of giants per team can be vary vaired between these competitions. (Read about entering the tourney below to find out which gamw you want to take part in) The fighting is done mainly on an island surrounded by water. The teams have to cross a bridge and run to the center to join the fight, everyone wants the advantage over the hill and each team has an eaquel chance to getting it as the starting location have been laid out at exactly the same distance from the center. The Ginat sand there counterparts go into the fight with only violence on the brian, fight to the death. This kind of attitude is thought as wasteful by other races but to the Myrkridians, its a chance to prove themself against a better fighter, a defeat over a veteran condtender is very prestigious for a Ginat new to the Tournament.....anyway.....its a nice place to die!!!

II. Entering the Tourney (playing the map)

To sign up to enter this grand tournament all you have to do is place this plugin in your mythII plugin folder. Make sure you remove any old entry plugins for Giant Warz you may have (ie and older versions of giant warz you have) as they may otherwise not register you properly (load up)

Now open your mutli player options when you host a game and select the Giant Warz tourney you want to enter and press ok. maybe consider the following before you choose.

Giant Warz 2 - is the main event teams are arranged in exactly the same way as the popular GFG. Select a difficulty level you want to enter for. thies mean you will be teamed with no more giants or up to 4 more giants. So on this 4 team event you get 1 giant per team on timid setting, 2 on simple, 3 on normal, 4 on heroic and 5 on legendary.

Giant Warz 2 (2team) - Is a 2 start location event. it presents an awsome amount of giants per team (16 on legendary). (This mean that 16 players can play and control 2 giants each). (timid = 2 giants , simple = 6 giants , normal = 10 giants , heroic = 14 giants and legendary = 16 giants per team)

Giant Warz 2 (Elim) - feature 8 starting locations and 1 giant per team whatever difficulty setting you choose. Basically your on your own so you will have to keep your wits about you and be quick to dodge yourself out the way of incoming exploding skulls This event only features limited gametypes

Giant Warz 2 (The Healers) - This has the same units and gametypes as the "Giant Warz 2" event but also features a new creation, the "Myrkridian Healer" these giants have decided to your their exceptional throwing skills to keep there team mates alive instead of hurting the enemy. Due to limiting factors in their body makeup the Healers can old heal other giants and not themself so try protect them if you can. If you decided to enter Legendary for this event you will have 2 healers on your team so they can heal each other or pick up roots if another dies. If you choose not to enter legendary...you will have 1 healer on your team. Do not think of these Healers as less worthy than throwing giants they do have other lethal skills like lusting. they are just as powerul as other giants but can use there healing techniques to freeze a giant for a few sec so they can gain the lusting advantage.

III. Bugs???

I have tried my best to ensure that there are no bugs in this map at all. if you do find a bug that cripples game play please report it to me at pholloway8@hotmail.com

IV. Note from Strike

I am sure you will find downloading this map to be worth it. I hope you understood the text above...I was trying to write it as though you were a giant entering the Ginat Warz.....it adds to the atmosphere I think. Well have a great time playing it and I hope to see many playing it ranked on b.net

Note to people with slow comps........if you have a slow computer you will still be able to play this plugin but you may get slight comp lag as you move the across the water due to the action sequences happening there (ie fish jumping) this should pass as soon as you move you screen onto the main arena. for most this slight pause will be hardly noticable

Please rate this map at mill and if you like it recommend it to your friends :)


STRIKE LoA - Created the map using fear and loathing, made the Ginat healer
SpaceBar Rr. - For the layout of the map (ie where water should be etc). and for the idea of the Myrkridian Healer

"Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungies Fear and loathing by: Paul Holloway, pholloway8@hotmail.com"

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