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Giant Ghl by Iain Simms

Thanks for downloading the Giant ghl!
In case you haven't figured it out already then this plug-in contains a giant ghl!

Primary - Ghl throw. This is just the same as a normal ghl except is is more long-ranged and is
Melee - Giant Ghl cleaver swing. A powerful cleaver swing that can take out most weak units
(ghasts, archers e.t.c) with one hit and most other things with two.
Giant Melee - A powerful punch versus giant units. Same as a Trow punch.
Special - This just allows you to throw an object without the ghl melee attacking afterwards.

Just a big ghl. It stands taller than a Trow and is brown. A bit pixelated when zoomed right in so stay zoomed out.

Myth I : The Fallen Lords and Myth II : Soulblighter are copyright Bungie Software 2000. S Tech and all instances of the S Tech logo contained therein are copyright Simms and Sweeney Technologies 2000. This plug-in was created by Iain Simms using Bungie's Fear and vista's Amber (vista.thereinstance.net).

Iain Simms
E-mail = w.simms@unisonfree.net
Web-site = http://pages.unisonfree.net/w.simms/index.html

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