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I got email adresses to!
serpent@winningteam.com and

The bullshit storyline:
"Its year 2000. Todays combat tactics is based on speed, mobility and number. To bad for the rest of the world that ghols got it all. The last free humans, dwarfes and trow have their last stand in Madrigal and is constantly under attack. All the others live as slaves under the ghols. Dwarfes are forced to do mining and can be killed by any ghols without that evens being mentioned. Humans are forced to do farming. Trows are used as war machine builders and they are constantly watched as they can be dangeraus if they break free. The berserks have abandon their former home and has retreated to the drowned kingdom or Yer-Ks. (That by the way are renamed to the drooling kingdom of jerks.) The ghols has divided themselfes into different clans, rather a big war dispersed them around the world. A ghol clan consists of about 100 ghols and the wars keep them down at that number, plus the zeppelins. However, the zeppelins live their own lives up in the blue. They land when they run out of food or bombs. Then some clan will give them the equipment they are asking for because they all clans need the airships. The airships drops bombs where they see the red smoke. And that is all they do except for having fun. Most of them dont evens know it is bombs they are dropping. The zeppelins are however vital for figthing down Madrigal and the clans use them against their enemys by throwing smoke grenades with red smoke. The clans dont always agree with each other, in fact they disagree when someone from another clan say something even if they think the same. It also goes rumors that Alric has risen from the dead and are ressurrecting heron guards and dead warriors to destroy the world."

Well, whats the story behind this map? Here comes:
"The Grangathi clan has been divided into two as they grow large in numbers and had a hard time to cooperate. However, when the newly formed Gran clan were leaving the dwarfes took their chance and ran away. They overrun the farming community that the Gathi clan had controll over. They have been using what knowledge they have to make bombs, and are stockpiling satchel charges and are placing them as traps everywhere. But it is something they had not thought off. Rain. Today its raining and the Gathi clan attacked at dawn. The heavy battle that started have drawn attention to other clans. You have controll of one of the battle groups that the nearby clans have sent out."

The map:
There is four versions of this map.
Clans collide: Two teams map with many units. At least two players at every team is recommended.
Fair play: The same as above with the difference it does not contain pus packs, mortar round and the ghol mortar unit.
I was born as a dead ghol: 4 starting locations.
WTSGBI: When The Saints Go Bitching In: 8 starting locations. Very little units.

The units:
Ghol: Normal ghol
Ghol hero: A bit faster, a bit stronger
Ghol warchief: Very fast, strong, attacks quick
Ghol Mutant: Big bad ghol
Ghol uzi: Slow, carries gun with low range
Ghol gunner: Slow, carries long ranged gun
Ghol explosive handler (ghol anarchist by Karl): throws grenades
Ghol explosive expert (ghol elite anarchist by Karl): throws grenades
Ghol mortar: KABOOM!
Ghol lab rat: Ghol scientists… or as close as a ghol can come to being a scientist
Ghol battle amputater: Ghol doctor

Thanks to:
lank: for creating mmmrealcraters and also for helping me out a bit
petsuo: for creating blow up trees
karl: for creating the ghol anarchist. Also for inspring me to make this map

The email adresses provided by petsuo and karl where not correct so I have not been able to contact them. However they both said that you can use their plugins freely if you remember to thank them and I just did.

The graphics for the ghols is… the same as always, I suck at making graphics. If someone wants to make them notify me by mail and I will make another map with the ghol graphics.

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