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Per usual Mythites, if you decide to try this plug-in, please place it in your plug in folder. Now by way of introduction...... Welcome to the world of ghols. These may seem to be an unlikely basis for troop in the world of flashy celeb action figures. But think about the ecomonics of warfare. How would Stormin' Norman have liked to be able to grow his troops like grubs? Imagine space saving soldiers with attitudes ready to go with no time consuming tutorials. Let them kill their supper be it pigs, peasants, or speciality troops. In training these fighting forces it was essential to mute their vocal exchanges; unfortunately the first things that they learned was the author's favorite expressions, and they would not use FUBAR. To keep certain expressions out of the hands of children it was therefore necessary to mute the little devils. Anyone wishing a transcript of the training session can send fat envelopes of used, nonsequencial bills to GHOL MILATARY SPECIAL OPS in care of the author who is trying to raise funds to become a beta testor. Now with out further a due I present the new ghol units.....

Ghol Shaman: Well you may know him by now. One difference is his fireballs go a bit faster. This is a good thing. His primary attack is much like that of the Deceiver's Cloud Kill. In single player he come in shades of white.

Ghol Healer: This is the healer of the Ghol people. He is much like other ghol, but he can heal with the cost of his mana. In single player he comes in shades of green.

Ghol Fire Starter: He has and throws Molatov Cocktails which also set the ground on fire unless the target is in water. In single player mode he wears shades of red.

Ghol Hero: This charming fellow has faster attack, throws farther, and endures more from his adversary than any other Ghol. In single player he presents in black.

Ghol Slinger: He would be an archer if Ghols used bows; he actually shoots carved bits of bone from former victims as they were a steady source of raw material. ( Pun intended.) In single play he is represented by the use of blue.

By the way in the Ghol's Day Out map, don't look for victory sequence. it is not hidden; it isn't there. Map making is not a well developed talent in this household YET. Remeber You read it first here. Speaking of reading---yes we do read. Reviews or feedback are most welcome. Mind retching criticism we already know about and have no desire for more of. We reserve the right to delete............

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