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This replaces Ghols with the Ghol Thrower. The difference betweena thrower and a normal ghol, is that the thrower chucks cleavers more or less as far as bre'unor chuck their bones, has a single molotov throw as a special ability, and costs one point extra in unit trading. also, it has some new flavor text of my own creation. Ive tried to make this as fair as possible, but it aint perfect, and you will probably start getting kind of mad when you once mighty thrall start getting mangled by once harmless ghols:) 

Contact me
you like it? you hate it? you want to rip my eyes out and use them for golfballs? then email me at ohutchins@mcn.net
also, check out my clans webpage at www.geocities.com/demosthenes_idiot

If For Some Strange Reason You Want To Use This In A Map
Just email me first, and mention me in your read me.

Thanks to:
Rama, for testing this thing with me even tho most of the time he just killed himself with the molotovs:)
Lews Therin, for testing this thing with me one time late at night even tho he was dead tired
Clan Idiot, for being the wonderful fools that they are
Bungie, for makeing this insanely awsome game
Apple, for making the insanely great imac that Im typing on right now

Legal Garbage
Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation, created with Bungie's Loathing by Caleb Hutchins (Demosthenes)

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