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Copywright 1998 in whole or in part Burgie Software Products Corporation. Created with Fear and Loathing by < Joshua DeBruhl, gembeaux@bellsouth.net>

Gather round and ye shall hear of the midnight ride---oops wrong person. This is the semi-formal introduction to one ghol shaman who wormed his way out of a dream and into the computer. To add him to your stable of characters, please use a Tag Extractor, place tags extracted into their proper places in your local folder, and repeat the following mantra: "Oh mighty protector of new characters receive this fellow into the midst of Myth II. Allow him to live long enough to become strong and deadly in the service of his master." To use him employ Bungie's Loathing to insert him into the map of your choice. He has very, very limited use in hand-to-hand combat. He is, therefore, more vulnerable to attack since he doesn't practice hand-to-hand fighting. He has two attacks. His primary attack is patterned after the Deceiver's Cloud Kill, but his has a longer range. Secondarily he attacks with a Fireball; novice this means press the T Key. He is not intended to replace any other character so feel free to explore his skills in the map of your choice. And for those of you who want ot use him in mult-player, go easy on cloning because he is more powerful than his appearance would suggest. In beta trials he could turn the tide of a battle very easily. By the way he can't pick up and throw stuff. He will however work much better if not asked to bunk with a dwarf. He is not a vegatarian so keep an eye out for your smaller furry pets. He reacts violently to being told it is time to stop fighting. He does not like to lose. He has a long memory and limited ability to enjoy a joke unless it is a particularly nasty practical type used on his enemies. So there, feedback would be nice. Suggestions for shaman improvement are appreciated.

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