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Ghol Patrol v 1.0

Created by Mean Chicken (Brian Luff)

Ghol Patrol brings the awesome game play of WW2 to all of our
favorite units...the GHOLS! Each team starts with three Ghol Soldiers.
The soldiers have a modified attack…they throw bullet fast puss packets!
The puss packet damage has been altered.
All ghols can also throw grenades.
Piles of grenades are scattered on the map like in ww2.
The bumpy terrain of the map requires precise aiming so as to
minimize the packets bouncing. This is an extremely fun map that plays
just as fun if not better than WW2. Some features of GFGG have also
been added :) ENJOY!

Overview of Units: Each team starts with 3 ghol soldiers at one of
six starting locations. Each ghol solder can fire their bullet fast
puss packets by pressing T and then where to fire. This ability has
a recharge bar like in gfgg because it is quite powerful. Each ghol
also starts with one grenade which can be thrown at a significant
distance causing huge damage. Up to three can be picked up. Don't
be greedy and try to pick up more than 3 though because this may cause
the ghol not to be able to pick up any more ever (I think of this as
the ghol becoming a little overwhelmed)!


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