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readme6.zM 8"MJJY6-63T4h7XM 6TEXTttxt0O0@'Ghol Magi v1.0
Bloodluster ~gfh~ (bloodluster@mailcity.com)
Anictolyte Map Makers Guild

This plugin was created with the sole purpose of being a fun addition to He Who Eats Dung's "Fearful Creations" contest. It's pretty unbalanced, but sure it sure is fun to use because of its multiple attacks depending on the rage to the enemy, and other cool stuff like that. Due to the short time limit, I was not able to incorporate all of the features I would have liked, and I spent most of my time on this just fixing the inherent bugs that come along with any creation in Fear. However, I think that this is a fairly good entry, and I know I had fun beta testing this on solo maps like "The Stair of Grief" and "Twice Born", and I hope you have fun with it, too.

This unit replaces the "fetch" unit on all maps that have a fetch if you turn on the plugin. You can place this unit on maps using either that unit or the "ghol magus" unit. Some recommend net game maps are "Gyre in the Wabe" and "I'll Fall on Your Spiderweb".

To use this plugin, place it in your Plugins folder. Log onto bungie.net and create a new game. In the options screen, click on the Plugins button. Select "Ghol Magi" and press the arrow, then hit ok, and set up the game options as desired. Do not be alarmed at the lack of a plugin preview image, it was deemed an unneeded addition by myself for a number of reasons.

Here is a list of attacks, and when each is used:

1) A warlock fireball, exactly like all other warlock fireballs, except with a really long range and it requires a lot of mana. This is the longest range attack.

2) A dwarven mortar, except it packs quite a punch. Satchel charges, pus packets, and other goodies fly in all directions, paralyzing those that aren't killed. Usually. This has a shorter range than the warlock fireball, and, once your unit attacks with a fireball, he will automatically run up to launch a mortar if he doesn't have enough mana for a fireball. However, the mortar also requires a fairly long reload time, and the Ghol Magus (singular form of Ghol Magi), will not run closer to use the next attack.

3) A lightning bolt, highly modified. This attack is rarely used against slow units, used a lot against units in an urban setting, and an occasional necessity against fast units. It also paralyzes enemies and spews things like satchel charges and stuff like that, but to a lesser degree than the mortars. However, repeated use of this attack can result in a few things, from your Ghol Magus spontaneously combusting to some very weak lightening bolt strikes. I'm going to pretend that this is on purpose (but in reality, I can see no reason why things like this happen, seeing as how it never happens with the mortar, which actually sets off MORE projectiles... my only guess is that the lightning bolt causes these problems because of how many smaller bolts there are that branch off, etc. But that's just a guess.). Basically, use the lightning bolt as a last ditch effort, and try not to use it to much or else bad things happen to your Ghol Magus.

4) Ok, so this is the real last ditch effort. Once the enemy gets to close for the lightning bolt, your Ghol Magus charges the enemy with the cleaver. A fairly weak attack, but it's fast. This is NOT advisable for use against Ghasts, because about 90% of the time they still manage to get a hit off on you, and then you are dead meat if you are going 1v1 against a ghast.

Ghol Magi have about the same amount of health as a Berzerk, but are extremely suseptible to paralysis and fire. This creates a very good reason to keep them spread out, because exploding pus packets can leave your Ghol Magi out to dry if the enemy is anywhere near them when they get paralyzed.

Ghol Magi are slightly larger than typical Ghols, and, in solo play, Ghol Magi are always a dark blue with a deep rust red lining. They are also pretty dang fast, about the only unit that can run these guys down is a Spider Queen in attack mode. Generally, you should treat a Ghol Magi like a Shade. Spread out, try and weaken him with archers while fast mellee go in for the kill. The lightening bolt will knock away arrows, while the fireball and mortar will not. If you keep your men spread out and at least partially surround a Ghol Magus, they can't do much to you. Trees are your best friend, and Trow are also very nice to have around, even though they will get weakened significantly charging a Ghol Magus one on one. The best plan for attack with a Ghol Magus is to have 1 Ghol Magus protected by a small party of fast units like berzerks to protect it from enemy mellee that are spread out. And remember that Ghol Magi are also very dangerous in mellee combat as well. I think that's enough hints for you, though :).

Ok, since you've read through this whole thing, here's a little tip: Ghol Magi can walk on water. I would have liked to perfect this a bit more, but, due to the time limit, it's just limited to this: a Ghol Magus can walk on water, no matter how deep, but they get slower the deeper the water gets. With enough time I would have liked to make it so that their attacks are also weaker and take longer to reload while on water, but there was no way to do that with the time limit. It still makes from some interesting situations, though, when you see a flotilla of Ghol Magi walking down the river towards, firing off fireballs and lightning as they come :).

Oh, and for those of you who are interested in my other ideas for this contest (your poor fools!), here's my main one that never came to be: a 7 foot tall berzerk that shot fireballs and lightning bolts out his arse (yup, Braveheart).

Thanks for reading this whole readme (wow, you DO need something to do...), and I hope you have as much fun playing with the Ghol Magi as I did making it. I probably won't ever update this unless some sort of cult starts up around it, so don't bother telling me bugs unless you can name at least 10 people besides you who play with this plugin :). You are free to use this on your own maps (crazy fool!), just make sure that my name is in the readme somewhere (and in a font larger than 9 points, you wierdo), and that you don't steal anything I've created like attacks and stuff like that without my permission. Which reminds me, this plugin is 100% original, created by me and me alone (Bloodluster ~gfh~), and has nothing taken from any plugin or any other creation by any other person in the world. Any resemblence to another person's plugin is purely cooncidental, although I must confess that I used Santa's Head #CP#Z's (Craig Goodman) WWII: Titans plugin for lots of help in setting up the different ranges of attacks, although I copied none of it.

I would like to say thank you to SH for that reason, thanks to HWED for coming up with this really cool contest, and Troll, for, uh... teaching me how to do stuff in Fear when we first met vie Soulblighter.com's message boards almost a whole year ago. And thanks to Bungie for creating Fear and Loathing, and thanks again for shipping them with Myth II, and thanks again for creating Marathon, and thanks again for creating HALO, which I hope will be mine as a result of this contest ;).

And now for that little copyright thingie that Bungie gets so uptight about:

Copyright in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Bloodluster ~gfh~ (bloodluster@mailcity.com).

*Actually, only Fear was used in this creation. All projectiles, sequences, etc, etc, were created by Bungie, but all string lists (unit flavors, names, spelling) were created by myself, so don't use any of them unless I say that you can. I can't do anything about it if you do use them without my say-so, but it would sure be cool of you if you asked me first :).~~2u08R38Mz    )    %    ~~2 DM5@2styl

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