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Ghol Grenadier v2.5 by Mr. Ghol

Uses grenades. This is the Ghol's way of getting back at dwarves, because they are smarter than rocks and can learn stuff( they were hit by enough malotovs by dwarves). Can kill stuff fast. Holds up to about 30 grenades. When they die, they drop them all over, so they make good suicide troppers with low life. Can actually hurt a trow, but they usually end up kicking ghols apart.

Bugs: His blasted apart body is neon yellow. Anybody know why?

(Note from ChronoJam: Good units. But they are murdered by dwarves and mortar dwarves easily, so they were set to have tougher hides (they are stronger against explosives) Made by a 9 year old with help from me)

Anarchist ghol pictures by KVLtv
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