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                                              The Valkyrie

The Plugin:

Remove the plugin from the directory it was zipped in and place it in your plugins directory in your Myth II directory. (directory=folder) Make sure that it reads:


She's beautiful, feisty, dangerous, fast, and has big uh... eyes! She has the ability to confuse just like the General from Lichen. Otherwise she's about the equal of a Ghol. Kudos to ReAnimator for being kind enough to support my work on the Valkyrie! Especially since, being the lamer that I am, I forgot my manners and didn't approach him with the project from the start. ReAnimator does some very good work and deserves credit for his contribution to the Valkyrie.

Special Thanks For:

Myth: The Fallen Lords
Myth II: Soulblighter
(C) 1997-98 Bungie Software Products Corporation

Amber 2.0 beta 5 by Vodi (vodi@online.no)
© 1998-99 Hans Hvidsten Birkeland

Tag Extractor by Vodi (vodi@online.no)
© 1998-99 Hans Hvidsten Birkeland

The Amazon by ReAnimator (matchett@newrock.net) which the Valkyrie was created from.

More Thanks To:

All the members of the ¼¯WL¼ order for helpng test this unit, especially Binky Dankbutt who is responsible for alerting me to the audio bugs that plagued the Valkyrie. ReAnimator for his being good natured about my complete conversion of his Amazon, and... well, anyone who bothers to download this plugin. ThatÕs you!!

You are meant to use this plugin free of charge. The Valkyrie unit was made by me (KVLtv) with the permission of ReAnimator, and you may use it on any map you edit. Be sure that if you do use the Valkyrie that you give credit to ReAnimator (matchett@newrock.net) for his work on her. Everything contained in this plugin is Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.

Have Fun!!

KVLtv (kvltv@bellsouth.net)

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