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This is a CO-OP which requires 1861CW units plugin 
instructions put this into your plugin folder and go to multiplayer and join someone who has it already
to host your own make sure you have 1861 units active
extract all of 1861cw units to play offline *not recommended as this is designed for many units

this is a huge map with over 500 units and one easter egg
permission of the 1861 units is granted by cydonian and i thank him greatly
mesh is made accurately in photoshop after studying the northeast maps of gettysburg


July 1st, 1863

With the loss of Stonewall Jackson shocked men on both sides. It did nothing to stop the advance of Lee
to the north Lee could never take Washington as his force was too weak, but he could force their army
away from Richmond and focus their attention away from Virginia.

The armies of Lee had no intention of attacking the town but rather get shoes for his troops
as well as supplies. Thus when entering the town of Gettysburg instead of finding shoes they find
a Union calvalry brigade ahead and thus the battle begins


copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear
and Loathing by < >>>>> Malek
email Lonewolf32@aol.com

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