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Gambit is a small 2 team map, which can be played with anything from 2 to 8 (recommended - although obviously you can play with more, it could get a bit cramped). It is the result of a long time wish to create a map with exactly this layout. It opens up whole new strategic possiblities, in a style which is completely unique. Can you spare a sole dwarf to defend that hole in the wall, or do you risk being backstabbed (or backpussed as it might very well be). Together with the new illusionist unit, it can create some really good fun gameplay. I would especially recommend Flag Rally - huge possiblities strategies here. I played a game where I maxed out on ghols, and made it my mission to collect as much pus and dorf bottles from the far east island. It paid off :)

There is a single mesh with these units:
2/16 ghols
4/8 archers
8/10 warriors
4/8 stygian knights
1/3 dwarves
1/1 journeymen
20/20 thrall
1 illusionist

I have also included a bonus mesh with TSG units, for all of you who downloaded the fantastic mod. The myth mesh does work without TSG needing to be installed, however you have to be careful - the game will go out of sync if you have some people using the bungie patch 1.3, and some using the TSG patch 1.3.

Tips for using the illusionist:
- His primary is a fairly long range and powerful lightning strike, while his secondary is to create phantasms - the image of a stygian knight. Harmless on their own, but when used correctly can mean the difference between winning and losing...
- Create as many stygian knights as you can - they always come in useful. However, remember to balance your mana level against having enough for lightning in a battle.
- Mix your decoys with normal stygs - if the enemy is spending time hitting the fakes instead of your real stygs, you can get in the extra hits.
- Confuse the enemy if you can - lead them into a false sense of security. Make them think that the band of real stygs you are rushing towards their archers are just another of your fake attacks.
- A decoy styg can be dispersed by just passing a solid object or energy through it. Anything will do - from an explosion to an arrow to the flying helmet of a fallen warrior. A single pus from a ghol can often kill a large group of decoy stygs, and separate them from the real ones.
- When your illusionist dies, your decoys' power will fade...

Thanks to:

Mumbles, SinWave, doughtnut and reluctant ole' CyberBob for beta testing.
Reluctant ole' CyberBob for the name idea and telling me how to fix some stuff.
Synapsed and Clem for their help with the unit sets, and Clem again for helping me with the TSG pregame.
The rest of Creation for their fantastic work which made my TSG mesh possible.
wod'asini for the unit collection for the illusionist.
Forrest of B.org for telling me I shouldn't be making Gambit at all, but working on textures for Dynasty. Grrr :P

Special Thanks go to Datax for his l33t Fe4r skillz. And also for making my illusionist unit, making him a very cool indeed (yes, Datax *and* the illusionist :) Also for some great beta testing games on Gambit.

And of course, thanks to Bungie for Fear, Loathing and such as fantastic game.

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