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GWARnage! v1.1 by Andrew Lee
August 14th, 2001
Made using Fear and Loathing by Bungie Software
Colormap created using Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and Painter 5.5

GWARnage Variants:
Police Truck: 2 Trow and 1 Giant possible, dark variant. 8 free spiders included. Two team.
Dos Amigos: Basic Light variant, includes free wolves. Two team.
Slaughter Squads: 4 Archers and 8 Wolves per squad. NUT. Six starts.
Mini-Slugfest: 2 Dwarves, 2 Wights, and 10 Thrall per team. NUT. Six starts.
Giant Sissyfight: 1-5 Giants, Trow on Assassin. NUT. Six starts.

Pregames created by Drew (Pimp Toxie) Kerrigan.

1.1 fixes:
Trow bug on Giant Sissyfight
Terrain passability problems on Slaughter Squads
Dwarf now APPEARS in the one start location that it didn't before... gah!

Bugs can be reported to AndyofGWAR@aol.com.
Tested on Macintosh and PC, appeared to work, however if you have problems please let me know so that I can remedy them.
Thanks to all of GWAR for their continuous support throughout the process of this project!

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