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GGMelee  4-15-01

This is Gimble and Gyre maps with less variety units and no dwarves (well, almost).

Gimble Melee has Warriors(Brigands), Warrior Heroes, Bowmen, Bowmen Heroes(Yes they are taller than the other units but I did that on purpose), Alric as Ass. target and 1 Dwarf as stampede unit(heh, good luck!). I also added some trees to the middle and more hunting targets. And a surprise in the water. Also, I added Scavenger Hunt to the game types (with seven balls).

Gyre Melee is more true melee with Zerks, Myrks, some Soulless, 1 Heron, 1 Trow ass. target and 1 Mortar Dwarf Stampede unit. This one also has more hunting, added Scavenger Hunt, and no trees in the middle but still a surprise in the water (only the MD can show you).

Please feed me comments/suggestions at blackfalconsquest@yahoo.com. I got nuthin out of my last map and it is actually a good map (Frozen Grounds). Feel free to rate this one:).

Copyright 1997-2001 in whole or part by Bungie Software products. I used Bungie's Fear and Loathing and Vista's MacJade along with Photoshop 5.5 (and of course my iMac ;).

p.s.: Alric is armed.

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