; Mythgraveyard

First off, thanks for downloading my first (official) multi-player map.

Yes, yes, I got cheap and used Proving Grounds color map. I simply inverted the color map in Photoshop 5.5. But I wanted to play a PG type map with more room (and it looked cool inverted, hence the "Frozen" name). All the units are modified except for Shiver in Fire Grounds Assassin. If you don't like modified hero units, don't play or just play Frozen Grounds. But thanks for at least trying it out!

Frozen Grounds is more down to earth with 1 Trow and trade up for 1 Myrk Big (good for teams). Be sure to check out the assassin target! The dwarves are long range. Have fun with the hunting:).

Fire Grounds is a projectile nightmare and may cause lag. If it does, please email me and say nasty things so I can change it around (let me know if it doesn't as well, please). The ghols only attack with mortar rounds. The bre' Unor attack with fire arrows. Probably most of you will figure out to just trade up for 2 Warlocks and 2 Fetch because they are BA! The rest of the units are fodder. Uh, keep the fetch away from the rest of your units...

These are 8 start maps and serve as great team maps (2 players per). You will notice I use multiple koth, stb, lmoth, etc. flags/balls but I have no idea how scoring is affected so if it is screwy then email me and make me feel like a fool, I mean let me know, thanks. Also, I added balls 6-9 on scavies (has anyone else done this?) since all I had to do was activate them (they are there in the myth 2 tags but not activated, and there is a ball ten but it showed in scoring as ball 1 so i didn't use it). Can someone email me and info me? Thanks.

Don't try to kill Super Peasant in Fire Grounds, you can't (heheh).

And please, try to keep from blasting the balls up the walls!

Copyright 1998-2001 Bungie Software Products. Color map altered using Photoshop 5.5. Units and map modified using Bungie's awesome Fear and Loathing.

Email all rude comments and suggestions to blackfalconsquest@yahoo.com.

And thanks again for at least looking at my first release map.

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