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Myth II : Freedom!

A 12 level solo campaign by Clan McCoolness.

31st July 2003. 6:01:55 PM, Perth Australia time.

1. Introduction

Some people play cowboys and indians. When Da Cid and I started playing with our friend, Solomon (he's five years old) we sort of played Braveheart instead.
From there, it grew to become a very odd blend of Myth, Braveheart, Lord of The Rings and other things. We called it 'Freedom'.

Early in 2002, I had started to stuff around with Myth mapmaking. I almost started making a Freedom plugin, but got very bored. I picked it up again in late October.
Since then, it's been pretty much non stop Mything, and thorough testing by Da Cid (not to mention suggestions from Solomon).

This is a campaign made for a five year old, and it's also made by people who aren't the GREATEST mapmakers ever. Keep that in mind, dudes. Just bear with it; keep playing it, it gets better :)

2. Characters.

First of all, there's Scotty Freedom (my alter ego). He's a berserk tough man, that can throw battlefield detritus like a ghl. He can get dead pretty quickly though, so be careful with him

Then there's Da Cid, the mage. He's basically a warlock with healing and a melee. His mana is tinkered to make things a tiny bit challenging (keeping in mind that a five year old has to be able to use him properly).

Solomon Knight is next. He changes appearance after level one (he got bored of being a warrior). He's the toughest troop you can have.

Bolanfui Nutcracker is an archer hero. Apart from some quicker reload times, a nicer, more incendiary fire arrow, and some awesome voice work by my sister Tina, he really isn't that different from any other archer.

That's what you get on most levels. The line up shifts and changes once in a while. At one stage you get a Trow (who we had to make bigger because M2 trow are so tiny).

3. Unit changes.

To make Orcs (and considering I only just started learning how to model in 3d) we decided to steal the Maul collection and make it green. They're bigger and in some cases go berserk. I also did some sounds for them.

I made the ghls a bit bigger, because they just weren't very threatening. They sort of serve a different purpose than in regular M2, and as such, they demand a bigger role.

There's loads of things I've tinkered with. Try not to think about it; that's what I do.

4. Storyline.

Yes, there is one.
The campaign starts out on a tiny scale. Four travelling warriors are on their way to Mirringale, the capital of the Kingdom. They're all very good friends who fight against the enemies of King Robert.
After isolated fighting, it turns out that Prince Hobard, the Pretender to the Crown, has allied the Orcs and Ghls against King Robert, and is trying to take the throne. After some pretty nasty defeats, the tide turns...
That's a very cut down and simplified version of the tale.

5. Suggestions.

This plugin was made in Myth 2 1.0. It works with 1.4. Basically, it's up to you how you run it. I didn't make it vTFL compatible because I'd already stuffed with some of the units before I even heard about 1.4, so it was too much of a pain in the nuts to try and go back and fix everything :).

I didn't set out to make the different difficulty levels have any effect on gameplay. However, it seems Bungie made it so that vitality and stuff changes as you get harder. So yeah. If you play Freedom on Legendary, it's a fair bit harder. Not impossible; we can finish the levels on Legendary (all the levels but Solly's "Prince Hobard's Castle". That damn thing is impossible).

I reiterate: try to play this plugin from the viewpoint of a little kid. The colourmaps are pretty awful (my bad) the scripting and general layout simple, the vocal talent questionable... just in general, this is one of the shoddiest solo campaigns ever made.
BUT, I find it hard to hate it! This plugin has a sense of humour: all the best ones do :)

6. More information.
Well, you can go to http://members.iinet.net.au/~lorenz for our OFFICIAL MCCOOLNESS WEBSITE EXTRAVAGANZA!
Contact info is there, and Da Cid should have put up a site about Freedom any time now.

7. What did we use?!
Aw, well... we used Amber, Adobe Photoshop 4.0, Sound Edit, Felt Tip Sound Studio, Final Cut Pro, Graphic Converter 3, Fear, Loathing, Antero... our brains... oh yeah, and Queen. Man, I've been listening to Queen since October. Before that even. Shit, they're great. You can hear one of their songs during the credits.

8. Necessary Legal Stuff.
As is expected with every Fear/Loathing creation, we have to include a small section about legal stuff. However, I can't remember where to find it... gimme a minute.
Copyright 2003 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Clan McCoolness.
I think it's actually Take 2 we should be mentioning, because they bought Myth... but credit where credit is due, eh?
Anything that Bungie did not do, we did. Anything that we didn't do, someone else did. This is a non-profit thing though, so it's not like we're doing anything nasty.

10. Forget number 9. :)
William Wallet Zebonka Kellogs (Rev. Scotty Lorenz):
Colourmapping, Loathing work, Fear work, vocal talent (hyuk hyuk) artwork, storyline, beta testing... most of it, eh. Oh, and he made this readme too!
Da Cid (David Kulessa):
Many suggestions, extensive beta testing, vocal talent, artwork (he drew a thrall for something else, not in Freedom), storyline, moral support... and he claims that he's done a bit of Fear work, but I swear I told him to stay away from my 'localFREEDOM' folder.
Solomon 'Anything' Anthony (that ain't his nickname, it's a typo I just made!):
Storyline, vocal talent, suggestions ("can you give me fifty hundred troops?" was one). He's the target audience of the project. I made this for him.
Tina Lorenz:
Vocal talent.

For slightly better credits, there is a mesh called 'credits' or something. Play that :)
That is pretty much all I have to say.

11. What about 9?!
Future stuff?
Me and Cid will link our iMacs one fine weekend, and show you how it's done on Legendary. Films of this will be made available, either on our site or on The Mill.
I'm looking to make some cutscenes for some levels. That might be made available as a separate download. I'm learning 3d modelling so I can make a William Wallet assassin target (maybe a Da Cid one too)... I'm about to release an unfinished Cavalry plugin I put together once... erm... and MAYBE I'll do another Freedom campaign. Who knows?!

12. FIN

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