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WWII: Fortitude
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IMPORTANT: In order for this map to work, you must have the WWII Units Plugin (included
in WWII: Titans) enabled in order for this map to work! NO WWII plugins/units are
included in this map as requested by Santa's Head himself.

Thanks to Santa's Head #CP#Z, aka, Craig Goodman for allowing the use of his
wonderful units for our maps. Thanks a lot Santa, your plugins are great! Also special
thanks to Omac for allowing me to use his wonderful map "Culloden Hill" for this
conversion. Thanks Omac! And last but not least, a very special thanks to all the
Omega Squadron members for helping me test all my maps and taking the time to download
them. Especialy to my man Dozer for downloading all my maps and helping me test them.
And for helping me with ideas and giving me input on whats wrong or right with the map.
Thanks man, couldnt of done it without you. All in all, thanks guys!

I've been in this forest for days. My division has orders to patrol and
eliminate any resistance we find. We hear that the Nazi's are planning an assault
anytime, as we have been occupied here for a while, to there inconvenience. We've
just been ordered to patrol the night shift. Its cold and dark. It started to rain
as we started our shift. We were patrolling along some dense trees when we
suddenly herd some mechanical sounds nearby. They were tank sounds, but they weren't
ours. We look ahead to where the sounds originate from but it is too dark to see. The
sky suddenly lights up and we hear the screams of our fellow troops near by. Mortars
and RPG's fill the sky, grenades set off around us, and fires begin to break out. The
trees that were once green and dense were now simply dried twigs from the ground. The
floor was black and blood stained my boots. The gunfire continued through the night as
we searched and eradicated any German's we saw. It Looks like their assault has begun.


Patrol - Similar to WWII: Titans Patrol. 15 starting position free for all with soldiers.
Timid - 1 soldier
Simple - 2 soldiers
Normal - 3 soldiers
Heroic - 4 soldiers
Legendary - 6 soldiers
Point Patrol - Similar to WWII: Titans D-A. 15 starting position free for all with
Timid and Simple - 1 tank
Normal and Heroic - 1 tank and 1 soldier
Legendary - 1 tank and 2 soldiers
Defend - Similar to WWII: Titans S-2. 2 team map.
Units available: soldiers and field cannons.
Specials: Lmoth flag is located at one base and STB flag is located at other base
for a mix of defending/attacking.
Assault - Similar to WWII: Titans T-2. 2 team map.
Units available: Tanks and soldiers. Up to 2 tanks max.
Bombard - Similar to WWII: Titans T-2+. 2 team map.
Units available: Tanks and soldiers. Up to 5 tanks max.

Thats it, I'm done I guess.

Kamikaze at XxLoStBoYxX@netscape.net
Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Converted with
Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Kamikaze of Omega Squadron. Soldier units copyright
Craig Goodman aka. Santa's Head #CP#Z. Original map "Culloden Hill" and original
color-height work created by Ciam "Omac" Sawyer. Copyright 1999 Ciam "Omac" Sawyer.
Visit Omac's Creations at http://www.mythnews.com/omac

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