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WW2: Forgotten Heroes

During ww2, a secret group of 7 Nazi scientists discovered an ancient source of power more powerful than any other. Painstakingly, the scientists were able to harness the power in secret and create weapons of war far beyond anything that had ever been seen on the battlefield. Hitler diverted huge amounts of troops away from the front lines to protect the scientists and the greatest secret of the war. But, as the first protoypes of a supergun were being shipped to the nazi soldiers on the front line, a drunk officer was overheard bragging about how the war would be over as soon as a supply barge rolled into town. Allied planes flew in secret and took photographs of many nazi controlled shipyards and noticed a very large battalion of nazis concentrated in one large shipyard. A fierce storm blew through and grounded all the barges and any kind of aerial assualt on the shipyard. The nazis hunkered down, fortified the shipyard and set up posts 10 miles in all directions. The allies sent in secret a very large fleet of submarines containing a collection of the best soldiers from all the allied countries. The second the storm ended and they could get close enough to shore, the allies split into groups and quickly attacked all the boats on the waterfront. It was a disaster. There were so many germans there was no time to search, only to fight. To their credit, not one of the allied soldiers fled, they all continued the search until they were overwhelmed by the enemy. But the mission was a success, for one allied group who attacked on the outskirts of the shipyard found the supergun shipment hidden on a very old unassuming barge. But as soon as they found it, german troops came in a flood and trapped them on the barge. Grabbing up the superguns, the soldiers were able to blast their way off the boat and disapear into the night. The super guns were truly amazing, they used a very strange source of energy to amplify the blast, making them potentially able to clear entire battlfields. The allies could not discover the source of this energy, but documents found near the guns implicated 7 scientists that were involved. Realizing the implications of a power source with no discernable origin, the allies sent in huge numbers of spies to find the scientists and kill them. Many where killed due to the nature of their inquiry, but one was able to discover a scrap of paper that survived the destruction of the scientists identities, and it referenced the location of an ancient graveyard. Aerial photography confirmed a very unusual german presence there, and another assualt was mounted, this time to kill the scientists. Five where found doing horrible expiraments on the dead and were then killed, but two fled deep into the desert to preserve their knowledge. The allies tried to track them, but the scientist split up and disapeared into the sands, getting lost themselves. Allied troops were funneled into the desert to search, but so many perished to the sun the mission was called off. One patrol was attacked by horrible beasts made of undead flesh, but they fought them off, but their supplies and radio equipment were all damaged in the fight. Out of options, the lost and fragmented allied patrol retraced the monsters path into a boneyard of ancient collosal bones. One of the scientists had set up a camp here, and had a huge guard of nazi troops. But the desparate allied patrol attacked the fortifications with all they had. Heavily outnumbered, the small patrol took bunker after bunker, using the enemies defenses against them, and managed to find the mad scientist, kill him, and then kill his entire guard. But the battle was so fierce, nearly everything was in the camp was destroyed, and everyone in the patrol was wounded or dead, and had no food, water, or shelter. The patrol that was of 200 hundred at the start was now down to 12 wounded soldiers. With no idea where they were, they had little hope of walking out, but a wolf named Fury had heard the sounds of battle and raced to their aid. She was the smartest wolf any of the soldiers had ever seen, and she got them water and caught food for them. Somewhat restored, they were able to communicate their mission to the wolf, who led them to another sprawling nazi encampment nearby, near an oasis in the desert. The final battle was insane, but in the end was too much for the small group of soldiers, they were unable to complete the mission, and the nazi secrets remained lost in the desert. Unless you can change history...

Deadly secrets: Taunt inside tent at the harbour, then give the bum a beer...
Taunt the scientists on the last two levels to discover what is going on

Thanks to: Soulblaster, Myth Addicts, The Nine, The Package, TFV, Ozone

And the makers of: Myth, WW2 units, Chimera, Jinn, WW2: middle of nowhere, WW2: The Harbour, distants(bloodied sands), ADT, and everyone else who helped

All compiled by Fury IX 2006-2007
(I made no sprites or cmaps)

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