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The forge of tharsis 
Created and scripted by malek
Unit design based on souls of the apocolypse and credit goes to haravikk
check out his website for some of his work http://pages.unisonfree.net/w.simms/index.html
Concept and layout by myself
used fear and Loathing
Scripting by myself with help from Ares scripting tutorial from Creation www.creationgames.com
texture map is a varient of freetextures.com
more levels are planned

Solo mission - the remnant armies of soulblighter have fled deep into the iron forge of the trow which seems
like a dead end. however the trow rushed in to reclaim their forge. something odd has happened when we entered
the forge, stygian knights and fetch have joined with us to somehow plead to be saved from whatever lurks in
the trows huge forge

the extreme heat makes it difficult for you to always see enemies on the overhead map.

units excluded for fairness apocolytium fagorus, general of thrall, and of course apocolyptic gregnarus

if you really want a nice challenge play legendary setting. i made it and even i have huge difficulty on it.

units that are given to players are unmodified.

copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear
and Loathing by < >>>>> Malek Lonewolf32@aol.com

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