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Forest of the Giants   by Iain Simms
Thanks for downloading my Myth II map pack called Forest of the Giants!
I have spent quite a lot of time on this map and have put a lot of work into it so I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it. This read me contains some information about the units in this pack and the various maps that are in it. You might want to skip the stuff that you already know like installation but some newer people might not know that so I included it. You might want to look only at the units and maps section but please read the Copyright stuff and important note, you can ignore everything else otherwise you might die of old age!


No real story to this map pack, just lots of people decide to kill each other thats all!


To install this pack all you have to do is place the plug-in called 'Forest of the Giants' into your Myth II plugins folder. Once you have placed the plugin in your plugins folder just open up Myth II and then start a multi-player game, if 'Forest of the Giants' isn't active in the plug-ins section then activate it then just play either 'Forest of the Giants' or Giants of the Forest'. If you like any of the stuff in this plug-in simply extract it using Tag-extractor available from vista.thereinstance.net. If you extract everything some files might not have the right icon but that doesn't matter, I recommend against extracting everything because the multi-player maps won't run.


There are several units in this pack that you might not have heard of before so I have included a list below.

Balista - A giant crossbow on wheels capable of causing huge amounts of damage from far away. This unit was made by me! Rating = 3 at the mill.

Primary Attack - Balista Bolt. These sharpened logs are hurled at the enemy at great speed and when they
hit they cause a highly concentrated explosion which can tear units apart with the
greatest of ease, various bits of Balista Bolt come out, the metal 'arrow head' causes
damage and can be picked up by gh™ls.

Secondary Attack - Flaming Balista Bolt. The same as above except it sets the ground on fire, doesn't go

Forest Giant - A big tree like giant man thing from Myth I - The Fallen Lords.
Primary Attack - Swat. Used against man sized creatures, same strength as a Trow Kick.
Punch. Used against giants, same as a Trow Punch.

Secondary Attack - Throw. The Giant picks up large objects left around such as torsos.

Changeling - This are made by Bungie and if you already have them don't worry, there are no changes in this. These
are creepy trees with faces, quite cool but not as good as a Trow.
Primary Attack - Swat (man sized). Used against man sized creatures quite powerful.
Swat (giant). Used against giants more powerful than man sized swat.

Secondary Attack - Throw. Changelings will pick up small objects such as arms, legs e.t.c

This section of the read me contains information on the various solo and multiplayer maps in this pack.

Multi-player 1 - 'Forest of the Giants', mostly light units on this, you can get Forest Giants.
Multi-player 2 - 'Giants of the Forest', mostly dark units and this time you get Changelings and big Myrks.

Thanks to

God'z fire (gozfire5@g2a.net) for resurecting the Forest Giant and several other Myth TFL units available at the mill.
The people at Bungie and those who made Myth II for keeping me (in) sane all these years.
Frigidman (the-mill@bungie.org) for bringing us the mill!!!
Lank for helping me fix my problem with my multi-player maps.

Some Stuff

At the mill you will probably find some of my other projects such as the Balista on its own (rated 3, no reviews as far as I know) and my fun solo map called 'For Carnage Apply Within...'
If you like this plug-in and you got it at the mill please give it a good rating and/or review.

Important Note

If you decide to extract the Balista from my plug-in, please pleeeeeezzzzzzzz tell me about any projects that you add it to!!!!! My e-mail address is below.

Known Bugs

Only on bug on this, when its raining and you're looking have a whole lake on screen only half of it has splashes.

Copyright Stuff

Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing as well as Vista.nets Amber (vista.thereinstance.net). This pack and the Balista unit were created by Iain Simms of S Tech. S Tech and all instances of the S Tech logo contained therein are copyright Simms and Sweeney Technologies 2000. S Tech Myth II unit and map creations division.

My Details

Name = Iain Simms
Country = Bonnie Scotland
E-mail = iain@w.simms.unisonfree.net
Web-site = http://pages.unisonfree.net/w.simms/index.html (phew!)

Again thank you very much for getting this and thanks for reading all this!


Iain Simms

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