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Fore! The PDGA Map


This is the final version of the Myth II: Soulblighter multiplayer map, Fore! It's a conversion from the Myth: The Fallen Lords map, with added models, ambient life, scripting, new sounds, and a refined mesh.


* Mythology (http://www.mythnews.com/) -- They've been gracious enough to host the PDGA on their websited!
* Soulsbane -- his example of geometry filters to play sounds led me down the right path to figuring out how to make things work , and he was a very patient sounding board and tech support source.
Thanks SB!
* The PDGA Forum community-- I used some of their great ideas, along with my own, to improve the quality of Myth Golfing life.
* Kag and Rahl -- They played many a late-night game with me back-in-the-day. Kag also helped write the lines for the commentors.
* The amazingly talented Charles Holt (AKA Deathwhore), who did the great pregame pic for "Fore!".


You start at the bottom, and try to get a ball in the hole at the top, corresponding to the tee's position. E.g., left tee heads for left hole, center tee for center hole, and right tee for right hole. Get the ball to the top by piling satchel charges behind it. 4 usually gets you all the way across the map (good for a beginning drive shot). 1 is good for getting from the edge of the green to the hole or so. Wedges (fetch) are good for getting the ball out of the water or out of the rough (stuck in trees, etc.), but cost a three-stroke penalty. (i.e. 1 fetch blast = 3 strokes).

Find more info at the PDGA (Professional Dwarven Golf Association) page, (Reachable via http://www.mythnews.com/pdga/) including a Discussion Forum to discuss the game, the map, the rules, and getting together to play with other golfers (there are many more out on B.net than you'd guess!)

Cheers, and please email any comments to me at: duezm@ils.unc.edu, or post on the Forum (http://www.mythnews.com/forums/pdga/)


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