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A Game Of Football *Beta* Readme


If youve played the new single player campaign you know this map.
It is the secret level you get for beating the peasant level
without having any peasants die. I took the map and made it a
multiplayer map, intended to be played 1 on 1 in unranked. If
the map gets popular enough i will make it bigger teams so you
can play with more people. Anyway just put the file into your plugin
folder linke usual and get a game. If you find any bugs or have
a comment, suggenstion, or question about the map, e-mail me at

just so i dont get in trouble, i got permission from murgen to
use his map and female peasants. I deserve no credit for this
awesome map and new unit. thanks him for that. I only changed the
units and put variants on it to make it multiplayer. I did however
add two buildings to the map. A log cabin (bathrooms) and an Ale
house (consesions stand). Hope you like it!!

made with bungie's Fear and Loathing (copyright 1998) by Gadianton
and Murgen (also Ferian for the avatar [home team captain] unit)

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