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"Flare Dorfs" v2.1

Original Balin unit recreated by El Bastard for Myth II**
Extracted from "Bustle In Your Hedge-row", (C)1999 Electrofryer (Chrille)

Modified and made into a handy Plugin by Baak (2003/06/09)
Last Updated: 2004/06/16

"Hedgerow" is one of our favorite maps and the TFL Pathfinder Dwarves (we call
them "Flare Dorfs" to distinguish them from the Invisible Pathfinder Dwarves
on StoneHeart and elsewhere) - well we can't get enough of them!

...Except maybe NKI can get enough of them! ;)

Use the T-attack to toss a "Signal Flare" to call in a "Satchel Air Strike" -
then *STAND BACK!!* Each Flare Dorf gets five of these and drops any remaining
ones when killed. This can be very bad - or very good - depending on whether
it is you or your enemy that drops them!

All I've done here is extract them from the Hedgerow map and put them into a
nice neat plugin, with a couple of minor tweaks:

The tossed bottles and the "Satchel Air Strike" are no longer affected by wind
(they would blow *really* far off course on maps with strong wind, such as
"Leagues from Somewhere" (blatant advertisement) and others). I did, however,
leave the red smoke to follow the wind for realism - it looks TOO COOL!! :D

"Flare Dorfs" replaces *all* Dwarves, including Mortar Dwarves and both kinds
of Dorf Heroes (mortar and regular). It also replaces *all* Archers and
bre'Unor, to give you even more of 'em! SWEET!!

And now in v2.0 I've added even more units from several 3rd party maps!! There
are now *85* units in all that convert to Flare Dorfs, including those pesky
"Minelayer Dwarves" on Picket Fences and Tallow Abbey that - although the
concept is interesting - tend to wipe out all your own guys after they are
killed drop their invisible mines at your feet! ;)

NOTE: v2.1 simply adds the necessary bytes to make it "load last" in M2 v1.5

Enjoy!! :D


**The original unit flavor from "Bustle In Your Hedge-row" read as follows:

"...special thanks to El Bastard for recreating this much loved unit. - Ripp.
Fellowship of Stoneheim, formerly Clan of the Bear."

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