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FixedFire v1.0 by The Chameleon

Patch Info
As you all might have noticed, fire does not currently work the way you'd expect it to (i.e. it doesn't damage explosives). The problem was that the 'fire stain seed' had no damage radius, but I changed that, and now satchels blow up like they should when you shoot fire arrows at them.

(I'm sure everyone knows what to do, but whatever...)
1. Download the file
2. Unstuff it
3. Put the 'FixedFire_v1.tag' file in the 'patches' folder
4. Start a game, put all your units on a carpet of satchels, and light them on fire =)

Copyright Stuff
This patch was created with the PC version of Vengeance being run on Virtual PC on a Mac because Take2 sucks and is too lame t....err, right. Anyway, it was made using Vengeance, and I'm not quite sure who to give the credit to since Myth III appears to be a 'company-within-a-company-within-a-company' project. Anyway, it was either MumboJumbo, Take2, or GodGames...if you'd really care to figure it out, go ahead. If you'd like to use this, be my guest, though I don't see why it would need to be used in any other patches since as long as nobody else screws around with the 'fire stain seed' projectile, it should overwrite the original one no matter what map you are playing.

::cries and wonders why Bungie would give their 'flagship' game series away to a lamer company::

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