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*********************************** GENERAL INFORMATION *********************************

FIVE KINGDOMS Version 1.0, a plugin for Myth 2 version 1.5.1 or higher.
(NOTE: it does really NOT work with v.1.5.0!)

*********************************** UNIT INSTRUCTIONS ***********************************

UNIT INSTRUCTIONS: visit www.myth.eu.tp

*********************************** COPYRIGHT INFORMATION *******************************

Five Kingdoms was made by Phex (IamAbraxas@gmx.de). Feel free to contact me.

The Colormap is based on bungie's "Going to Town".

Following units are from bungie's Chimera: Skeletton, Wasp.

Following units are made by Cydonian (cydonian@mail.com): dwarven axe, golems, elven archer, elven guard, elven mage, human warrior, wizard, crossbowman, goblin warrior, warg, shaman, beastmaster, tamed dracona. These units were originally created for "The 7th God" (c) by Creation.

Created with bungie's Fear & Loathing. Myth II: Soulblighter is trademarked by Take2 Games.


Cydonian for allowing me to use his amazing units!

Project Magma for the webspace!

All the People at the Project Magma forums who helped me when I got troubles!

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