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Brought to you by Brent McDonald and Aaron Justice

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Stages
III. Characters
IV. Special Items
V. Tips and Tricks
VI. Credits 'n' Copyright Information

I. Introduction
Thank you for downloading the Final Fantasy 6 conversion for Myth 2. I hope you have a lot of fun with the diverse amount of gameplay available. This conversion hearkens back to 1994, before graphics were the reason people bought games. It was a time when good, solid gameplay was needed to impress audiences. Final Fantasy 6, originally called Final Fantasy 3 when it was released on the Super Nintendo in the US, was no exception either. It has arguably been called "the greatest role playing game ever". As such, to create the general "feel" of the game, I have decided to use the original 16-bit graphics to recreate the characters. Although many of their frames had to be custom drawn, they still maintain their original "retro-style" appearance consisting of 4 directional views.

II. Stages
Hilarious action and solid gameplay were the prime goals of this project, and there is a stage to match just about everyone's taste. Most all the stages are equal battles with the exception of the human stages where you have Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, in which case the good "super characters" are different than the bad ones. There was originally going to be 7 multiplayer stages, but due to some technical problems, "The Veldt" map, focusing on the animal units, had to be dropped.
Extra Stage - The Training Map - An entertaining way to learn the abilities of all the characters and items you'll encounter in this TC. There are three meshes, representing the three types of units there are (excluding the boats). Use shift-new game to access them.
-- The multiplayer stages --
1. South Figaro - created by Brent McDonald - A bustling town where you can blend in with the crowds and use the many available items to your advantage. Read the "Items" section of this text for information on all the items.
2. Assault on Narshe - created by Aaron Justice - An all-out strategic war in the craggy Narshe Snowfields, that has a similar feel as Cracks in the Cloudspine. Beware of yetis in hunting mode!
3. The Phantom Forest - created by Brent McDonald - You control an array of ghosts with a vast variety of elemental powers at your disposal. Use your powers carefully.
4. Doma Castle - created by Aaron Justice - It's a war between the forces of the Empire and the garrison of Doma Castle. Strategy is key...
5. The Great Sea - created by Brent McDonald - A fast-paced sea battle using only boats as combatants. Designed especially for Assassin mode. Do not attack your own buildings!
6. Nikeah - created by Aaron Justice - A port village full of merchants who become enraged when provoked, complete with a set of defensible islands.

III. Characters
There are a total of 45 playable units, and here's a quick run down of each:
-- The Super Units -- the main characters.
Cyan - (Light) The Leader of the Doma Guard, and a powerful swordsman
prime attack > Katana Slash
special attack > "Cleaver", one mighty blow, but misses occassionally
Edgar - (Light) The young king of Figaro Castle; a mastermind of machinery
prime attack > Longsword Slash
special attack > "AutoCrossbow", a fully automatic crossbow that fires 8 rapid shots
General Leo - (Dark) The finest soldier in the Empire
prime attack > Sword Slash
special attack > "Shock", a powerful shockwave that will explode on contact
Kefka - (Dark) A vicious madman who would stop at nothing to control the world
prime attack > Flail Bash
special attack > "Flare Star", a wave of flames consumes enemies in a line
Mog - (Light) A street-smart, slam-dancing moogle [omitted from multiplayer stages]
prime attack > Spear Stab
secondary attack > Spear Toss
special attack > "Wind Dance", same effect as the Wind Specter's "Cyclonic"
Sabin - (Light) Edgar's twin brother, who is a martial arts master
prime attack > Claw Slash
special attack > "Pummel", four rapid, mighty blows
Shadow - (Light) A mysterious ninja that was employed as an assassin, until he was betrayed
prime attack > Blade Slash
secondary attack > Object Throw, Shadow can pick up small objects and toss them
special attack > "Ninja Star", Shadow throws two ninja stars, uses ammo
-- The Normal Units -- the normal fighters
Archer - (Neutral) These people used to be merchants, but now they're archers
prime attack > Arrow Shot
special attack > "Flaming Arrow", same as the regular Myth 2 bowman's attack, uses ammo
Bomb Lady - (Neutral) Enterprising women that really enjoy explosives
prime attack > Bomb, tosses one from an infinite supply of bombs
special attack > "Gas Grenade", lobs a grenade that gasses out enemies, uses ammo
Collaborator - (Dark) Cowardly Returners that joined the Empire
**dark equivalent to the Returner**
Commander - (Dark) High ranking officials in the Imperial Army
**dark equivalent to the Figaro Color Guard**
Crossbowman - (Neutral) They prefer the power of the crossbow over the range of the bow
prime attack > Bolt Shot
special attack > "Flaming Bolt Shot", a straight-flying, flaming crossbow bolt
Doma Magitek Armor - (Light) Residents of Doma that stole a suit of Magitek armor
**light equivalent to the Magitek Trooper**
Figaro Bomber - (Light) Guards specially trained in the handling of bombs
prime attack > Sword Slash
special attack > "Bomb", hurls a bomb at the enemy, uses ammo
Figaro Color Guard - (Light) The elite guards of Figaro Castle
prime attack > Sword Slash
special attack > "Bomb", they don't carry any, but if they find a bomb, they can use it
Figaro Guard - (Light) The basic guards of Figaro Castle
prime attack > Sword Slash
special attack > they can pick up a dud bomb and put a fresh fuse in it
Magitek Trooper - (Dark) Troopers that control huge armored body suits for fighting
prime attack > Metal Fist
special attack > "Tek Laser", a very weak laser beam that serves best to detonate explosives
Officer - (Dark) Soldiers that carry a stock of bombs
**dark equivalent to the Figaro Bomber**
Returner - (Light) Pistol totin' freedom fighters
prime attack > Gun Shot
special attack > "Double Shot", two rapid gunshots
Sage - (Neutral) Wise old men that have a good knowledge of medicine
prime attack > Chili Powder Throw, a deterrant that stings enemies eyes for a few moments
special ability > "Cure", yep, you guessed it, this heals energy with a special potion, uses ammo
Scout - (Neutral) Very fast weaklings that serve to observe
prime attack > Sickle Slash
secondary attack > Object Throw, the scout can pick up and throw various small objects
special attack > "Bomb", they carry one bomb, just in case
SP Force - (Dark) Eccentric magic users that dislike most people
prime attack > "Cold Dust", a icy ball that damages and freezes enemies
special attack > "Giga Volt", a high voltage blast of lightning
Spearman - (Neutral) Peasants that made a hobby of throwing spears
prime attack > Spear Throw
secondary attack > Object Throw, the spearman can pick up and throw various small objects
Trooper - (Dark) The basic back-bone of the Imperial Army
**dark equivalent to the Figaro Guard**
Wizard - (Light) Surly magicians that make every army a better one
**light equivalent to the SP Force**
-- The Special Units -- the ghosts and the beasts
Bigfoot - (Neutral) Tree hurlin' ape creatures [cancelled for use in the multiplayer stages]
prime attack > Arm Swipe
special attack > "Tree Toss", the bigfoot can pick up and throw a certain type of tree
Black Wraith - (Neutral) A most feared ghost
prime attack > Hit
special attack > "Break", a magical projectile that petrifies the recipient
Bogfoot - (Neutral) A disgusting beast that inhabits swamps [used only as a hunted creature]
prime attack > Arm Swipe
special attack > "Bio Blaster", a long range belch of poisonous gas
Dragon - (Neutral) Your basic fire breathing dragon [used only as a hunted creature]
prime attack > Flame Shot
special attack > "Flare", a semi-powerful flame bomb
Earth Phantom - (Neutral) An earth elemental ghost
prime attack > Rock Throw, a boulder is hurled at an enemy
special attack > "Magnitude 8", a radial earthquake is created that shakes things up
Electric Entity - (Neutral) A thunder elemental ghost
prime attack > Static, a close range mini bolt shock
special attack > "Giga Volt", a high voltage blast of lightning
Fire Essence - (Neutral) A fire elemental ghost
prime attack > Flame Shot
special attack > "Meteo", a mighty ball of fire is lobbed at the enemy
Ice Image - (Neutral) An ice elemental ghost
prime attack > Hit
special attack > "Cold Dust", an icy ball that damages and freezes enemies
Poison Ghost - (Neutral) A poison elemental ghost
prime attack > Hit
special attack > "Bio Blaster", a slow-moving, but powerful long range gas attack
Poltergeist - (Neutral) The big, buff, non-elemental ghost
prime attack > Ghost Punch
Water Spirit - (Neutral) A water elemental ghost
prime attack > Water Gun
special attack > "CleanSweep", a very powerful wave of water
White Shadow - (Neutral) The one "good" ghost
prime attack > Hit
special attack > "White", a projectile that regenerates the living, and dispels the dead
Wind Specter - (Neutral) A wind elemental ghost
prime attack > Hit
special attack > "Cyclonic", a tornado that whirls violently on one enemy
-- The Boat Units -- exclusive to "The Great Sea"
Flagship - (Neutral) The slowest, but most powerful of the naval forces
prime attack > Big Cannon Ball
Gunboat - (Neutral) Basically, a boat with onboard guns
prime attack > Double Shot
Hovercraft - (Neutral) Maneuverable vehicles that launch explosive sea mines
prime attack > Mine
Ice Breaker - (Neutral) Ships with a large drill in the front
prime attack > Drill
Missile Bay - (Neutral) Carriers of missile silos
prime attack > Missile
Warship - (Neutral) Old pirate ships that still like to fight
prime attack > Cannon Ball

IV. Special Items
In some stages, you will encounter items that can be equipped by any character:
Armor (an upper suit of armor)
- strengths --> damage taken reduced by half
- weaknesses --> does not protect against lightning
Chili Powder Bag (a small bag with a little picture of a pepper on it)
- strengths --> allows you to use the Sage's "Chili Powder" attack twice
- weaknesses --> none
Fire Orb (a scintillating red orb)
- strengths --> allows you to use Kefka's "Flare Star" attack
- weaknesses --> none
Ice Crystal (a shining blue diamond shaped stone)
- strengths --> allows you to use the Ice Image's "Cold Dust" attack
- weaknesses --> makes you weak against fire until you use it
Bio Sphere (a greenish glassy sphere)
- strengths --> allows you to use the Poison Ghost's "Bio Blaster" attack
- weaknesses --> none
Hydro Ball (a swirling blue ball)
- strengths --> allows you to use the Water Spirit's "CleanSweep" attack
- weaknesses --> makes you weak against electricity until you use it
Titan's Mitt (a golden glove)
- strengths --> you can attack with incredible power and speed
- weaknesses --> you are weak against everything

V. Tips and Tricks
- Beware of ranged units if you are equipped with the Titan's Mitt
- If an enemy is standing near explosives, use Tek Laser to set them off
- Bombs, Gas Grenades, and Mines don't explode on contact. Try to compensate by control-clicking on the ground in front of an enemy, otherwise the bomb will hit the enemy and bounce away before it explodes.
- Yetis in hunting mode will attack back! If you attack them, be ready for a fight...
- A Wizard or an SP Force equipped with a Titan's Mitt is a powerful combination
- Giga Volt is very good at launching items into the air...
- Play the Training Maps to learn and have fun with the units
- Read the characters' flavors for a few good laughs

VI. Credits 'n' Copyright Information
Executive Producers:
- Brent McDonald
- Aaron Justice
Beta Testing:
- Ian Zuck, a.k.a. "Mac Addict"
- David Meyer, a.k.a. "Vivi", former member of FF, Current member of MM
Special Thanks to:
- The entire community at the Mill for their tips that helped develop this project

FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Co., Ltd. U.S. Patent No. 5390937, 5649862.

All music used in this production are registered to their respective owners.

Copyright 2001 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing under Mac OS 9.1

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