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   Friends is a plugin for Myth 2, using the map for the 
single-player level 14, "With Friends Like These" and
making a multiplayer map out of it. The map was made by
Bungie, with cheap hack added on by me using Bungie's Fear
and Loathing. I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THE THING. It is the
work of the folks at Bungie, and not mine.

That said, I've altered the basic map a tiny bit,
mostly in the depth and passability of the water. The water
is in general deeper, allowing wights to hide in it, and
had a more gradual gradation of passability. In addition,
there are now places in the water impassable to Trow and
Myrkridian Giants.

There are two meshes includes in the plugin:

"With Friends Like These.." is the dark version, with
zerks, stygs, dwarven heros, and one trow.

"...Who Needs Enemies?" is the REALLY dark version,
complete with warlocks, mortar dwarves, myrkridia, mauls,
heron guards, soulless, 3 trow, and one 'krid giant.


-Gehennom ~MCC

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