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Fallen Heroes beta 7c

by: Pyro
email: kingpyrro@hotmail.com
site: www.geocities.com/kingpyrro/myth.html
date: April 7, 2005

This started as a total conversion for the Myth 2 solo map "Shiver", but changed to something else. You play as six of what can be the most powerful Dark units in Myth: Balor, Soulblighter, The Watcher, The Deceiver, Shiver, and The Summoner. Your enemy is Alric and his forces.

Storyline to get away with using these units: Ummm... some powerful mad wizard found a way to mess with time... He thinks he serves the greater good and that he must fix everything wrong with the world... man-kind. So he brings back the only beings capable of such a thing. He brought The Leveler back, as well as the young Alric, thinking Alric would side with him after talking to him... but he didn't. Now Balor and his followers think Alric is too powerful compared to them at this stage to let loose. You must destroy Alric since the Dark are not powerful enough yet to let such a person live as their enemy.

Your Units:

Balor________ Special: Summon Fetch..... Primary long-range lightning attack
Soulblighter_ Special: Scorch Dream
The Watcher__ Special: Dream of Unlife
The Deceiver_ Special: Binding Dream.... Primary long-range lightning attack
Shiver_______ Special: Scream Dream..... Primary long-range Ripple Dream
The Summoner_ Special: Summon Myrmidons. Primary teleport enemy attack

Enemy Units:
Forest Giants
Heron Guards

Notes: Balor must not die. Somehow the mad wizard changed them to have some sort of control over them and as a result they are not exactly like the true fallen... if any of the fallen die... run! Alric brought something with him from the past... do not let The Watcher go far away from the rest of the fallen or you might find out what.

Fixes from beta 7 & 7b:
Fix bug that cause the game to keep going even if Balor died in the end.
Fix bug with camera control at the end... for good.
Fix bug with Alric not attacking correctly.
Fix bug with Alric not doing the right thing during death.
Changed Fallen Heroes' deaths, so you do not accidently die to many times.

P.S. I know The Summoner is not a Fallen Lord. :P

Thanks to IronDuke for the use of his Watcher collection.

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