; Mythgraveyard

The third and final installment 
issues resolved for last two prequels are colormapping and only a few ungodly units to deal with
original concept and scripting by malek
apocolyptic units by haravikk
dragon and pikemen by the hexographica collective
Dwarven enhanced catapult is based upon the catapult unit from hexographica
textures are from either malek or soma of creation
scenery from pope's scenery pack
layout by malek

Story: after battling it through the hellmath; We are in hell, we see odd shapes and non wish to find out what it is.
Then we see some remarkable thing when we come upon several soulless; they seem preoccupied not with killing us but rather satan's forces
And in the middle of this stands some strange armor. i ask one warlock what it meant he left without a word but the trow said one...Balor

copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear
and Loathing by < >>>>> Malek
email Lonewolf32@aol.com

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