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For Carnage Apply Within...
by Iain Simms (known as Haravikk)

Thanks for downloading my map of Carnage!!!
This solo mission was designed to be fun and indead it is! You are in the command of six Dwarven Heroes, all of which are called Andarvi! I could have made it so that the names would change to something different but I couldn't be bothered. All you have to do in this map quite simply is kill stuff!
I know that quite a lot of solo map have pregame sequences but these are only really the more serious maps, and this map was just designed for a laugh, you know a spur of the moment thing.
Nobody special that I'd like to make a note of except for the people who made Myth II and perhaps my mum...

Have Fun!!


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Phone (Britain only) = (01324) 712777
Mail = 22 Roselea Drive

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