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Egyptian Solo

This map takes place after the defeat of Soulblighter. Something strange happens, then . . . whats this?!?!

You must play this game offline to understand whats going on and to employ the hints for the levels. After that feel free to play online. :) This mapset has been over a year in the making. Thanks to all who helped to test it. The Alliance, TCO, Wraith Squadron*, and others. Sir Fartz helped with the last round of testing.

The further you go into the hints the more it gives away so if you get stuck, read some of the hints, but dont go too far unless you want to make it easy. In some levels you will be warned beforehand. Beware even some of the basic units have had changes made to them!!

UPDATE: 1 light and 1 dark FFA map have been added on the Valley Of Souls map!!!

Thanks for downloading and playing!!
[A] Cam DeGray «/Ws»

Version History
08/01/01 Maps laid out scripting, began new unit phoenix created, Ancient Mage made (modified)
01/20/02 Debugging of scripting and final adjustments of cmaps, Taskmaster modified as well as Pharaoh.
03/01/02 Added 6th level for fun, more script debugging, testing
08/25/02 Final testing, unit adaptations, last minute script changes, bugs fixed
09/15/02 LAST, last minute changes and tested
09/16/02 Ready for release!!!
09/18/02 Ready for rerelease, and 2 FFA maps added!

*alot of help from Shaman (cheers)
*color map on Valley of Souls by: Dash Ripcock

This map made with Bungies Fear and Loathing all rights retained by Bungie. All copyrights property of foresaid. 09/16/2002

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