; Mythgraveyard

Hello and welcome to: If I had a Desert

This map takes a favorite from the past and adds some units and structures. This map was meant to change the playability of the existing desert maps, mix the two game types, and throw in a mix of forts and safe havens.There is a new unit called the Taskmaster from a forthcoming 6 level Egyptian solo. Which has been 6 months at least in the making and testing! (thanks to Dash, Shaman, Lionheart, Krille, Cov, The Plumber, and my apologies to anyone I forgot)

The Taskmaster 's primary attack is his whip, which has facilitated the release of so many souls from its use, that it has a unique soul whisper of its own. His secondary attack is a lightning fork. (like the fetches attack)

The unit trading is designed to make you either choose Trow, or alot of units, the mix has been tested and the trading seems pretty fair.

NOTE: The higher the difficuly level, the more wights you have:
timid-normal: 2 wights
heroic : 4 wights
legendary : 6 wights


This map was made in whole or part using Bungie's fear and loathing and bungie retains all rights to this map. This map is released solely on the good faith of Bungie. Any views expressed by the mapmaker or any ideas thoughts or statements, (like my desire to rule the world and make all the poor people log trees with herrings in their tightie whities) Bungie is not responsible for.

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