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Echoes of the Wind Age v 1.0

Ready for something strange and different? Well, this map certainly meets both catagories quite well. Oh, and its one more thing... Fun! The map has an ancient/futuristic feel to it. Kinda like an archeological dig turned into a battle field. It's also pretty creepy and strange. One of my friends/betatesters claimed that it gave him nightmares about the map! And he's a grown man! The map is a giant machine left behind from Myth's wind age. It is actually a giant World Knot (it doesn't actually work) that leads to somewhere unknown... Add some industial beats from NIN and the mood is put up quite nicely.

Ok gimmicks aside, there are 6 variants to the huge 7 x 7 map. Each one is played completely different from the others. I based a great deal of emphasis on "multi-hit combos" that you can use to defeat your enemies. Use a ghol and a dwarf to defeat the enemy treeman. Chase the enemy away with your "All terrain wight" and use "balin's powersauce" to demolish them! Make up your own combos! Probably the most important thing on the big team variants in this map is team work. Every unit needs to have a another type of unit around in order to counter out certain types of enemy units. You'll see what I mean when you play the map.

One of the things that makes this map quite different is a new dwarven special ability! All dwarves come packed with 2 "super bombs"(I like to call them Balin's powersauce) that work a lot like the dwarven pathfinder's signal granade. (Pathfinders carry 5!) But no satchels come falling from the sky, this thing just explodes! But not your average explosion... It actually leaves craters and spews realistic shrapnel and rocks everywhere! You really have to see it to enjoy it! Try playing a game and then watch the saved film when the bottle blows up in slow motion. Beautiful! But the explosion's just not for show! It introduces a great deal of new strategies; Make a hole so your enemy must crawl down in it, giving you the high ground; make a hole on the lmoth flag to create a "For Carnage, Apply within" type situtation; Create a make shift fort around a flag by digging your own trench around it! You see, there's all kinds of things you can do with Balin's PowerSauce! But beware! It's an unstable substance. One bomb will make a huge explosion with a satisfying crater, while the next will just sputter a tiny spark and not even make a crater at all. I made it so the bombs will have a random element to it just to add to the tensity. Oh, and you can use the gor to play all of the classic bungie maps! So you can play them all like new!!! Wanna make the hole in "For Carnage, Apply within" deeper? Now you can! Wanna utterely demolish the hill in "I'll dance on your grave"? You have the freedom! Wanna make "Mudpit Masacre" more mudpit-like? Do it! It'll breath new life in these great classic maps if you ever get tired of playing the maps I made.----------------------------------------

The variants: What to expect!

*Mesh Masters: 15 starts, no unit trading. You get a small group of pathfinders, spiders, and a flaming souless. This map quickly becomes crazy as the sky literaly rains rocks and shranel as your enemies duke it out! You'll soon see why I named this map "Mesh Masters!"*Demolision Squad: 8 starts, no unit trading. You get a pretty sizable and diverse group that relies heavily on projectiles and team work and sneakyness. The towers are VERY important in this map. Claim them right away!*Ultima Battle: 2 starts, trading units. "Soulblighter is here! Our scouts are dead!" Each team gets a huge army and soulblighter comes for free. You really need to learn how to work as a team for this one. The game depends on it because you need team work in order to bring down soulblighter! This map was made with capture the flag and flag rally in mind. Great team map! Better bump up the time limit though!

*Echoes of the wind age: 4 starts, trading units. A simple map for people who want just the standard thrill of myth. Simple but fun! This is really fun with balls on parade or capture the flag.

*Echoes (choas) : 4 starts, trading units. CHAOS FACTOR RETURNS! This is the Chaos Factor version of Echoes of the Wind Age. Due to popular demand, I reduced the power of the bow a bit, but it can still tear dudes up and ensure victory. Use your archer to grab the magic bow in the middle of the map while blocking the enemy from getting it. Really intense!

*Warrior Slugfest: 8 starts, no unit trading. Hey Slugfest fans! Here's something new! Are you sick of slugfest because once you lose your dwarves, your thrall are just dead weight? More often than not, the thrall don't even get to slug it out, thus defeating the purpose of slugfest. By replacing the thrall with warriors, even if you lose your dwarves, you still have a tiny chance of winning. Each team gets 4 dwarves, 2 wights, and 25 warriors and it gets REALLY MESSY and REALLY FUN! Due to be a favorite of Slugfest fans everywhere.


What's unique about this map?

*Power Bombs actually leave craters and spew shrapnel!
*Music by NIN gives this map a spooky, mechanical feel.
*New sounds of combat! FEEL THE BASE of the explosions! Hear the boom of my impotent voice.
*A very unique version of Slugfest.
*The wights can walk anywhere for cool and unexpected suprise attacks!
*100% unique texture done mostly in colored pencil! I'm an artist damn it!! :)
*You can play the classic maps with this gor to breath new life into them!
*Very unique and unorganic terrain! Rusty sheet metal and strange alien text!
*Team work is key!

Things You Should Know: Instructions and info about little quirks...*Hit "t" and select your target in order to use the power bombs. It's just like tossing a pathfinder signal granade, only all dwarves have it.

*The Wights can now walk anywhere like spiderman. Why? Because I hate it when a ball gets stuck on a map and there's no way to get it out. Plus you can make cool surprise attacks and stuff. They also walk dwarf speed. But beware, they now cost 6 trade points instead of 3! And they stink really bad and it can give them away... You'll see what I mean when you put them underwater.

*Myth was never made to do what I'm making it do. So sometimes strange stuff happens. Most of the time nothing out of the ordinary happens, it pretty rare actually. The main problem is usually based around the water, so if you can help it, try not to toss bottles on the coast. If you do, nothing bad happens, it just looks kinda weird that's all.

*The souless in "Mesh Masters" is a flaming one. I know that they are unbalancing, but then again, so are pathfinders. Mesh Masters was made just for kicks to see how messed up a map can get! hehe

*Don't ever base your entire strategy around the power bombs. They aren't all too reliable. They should be a tool, not a "super weapon". Of course when they work the way you want them to, they can turn a great many units to instant meat! Very fun!

*A well placed power bomb can instantly destroy a treeman. Merry Christmas!

*In Ultima Battle, each team get's Soulblighter for free! I know what you're thinking, Soulblighter is super powerful and unbalancing, but he has a great deal of weaknesses. But they require teamwork! This is what I was aiming for when I put him in. Here's a few ways to get rid of soulblighter... 1. Use a ghol to stun him with a puss pack because he's very allergic to puss and it'll keep him still for a long while. While he's stunned you can send a journeyman to heal him and he'll die; 2. Archer arrows really hurt him. But he's fast. Try and shoot him with a puss pack so you can ping him. ; 3. It takes excactly 6 fetch bolts to kill him, he's really weak against lightning; 4. Or just be direct with him and stun him and send your berserks to make short work of him. Just don't try to kill him with dwarves. He's super strong against explosions.

*Try and get to one of the 4 "towers" around the middle of the map. They are super high and are great sniper points. They can also be made into a makeshift headquarters. Very important if you want to win.

* The Power bombs, as much as I'd like them to, do not change the passibility. So if you want to destory a cliff so you can walk on it, it won't happen. Myth is pretty limited on what you can do.

*Also if you make a super deep hole, and some of your guys are in it and you can't see them, simply use the box select around the hole.*The steal the bacon ball has a tendancy to get stuck in mid air a lot. This is yet another limitation to myth. But this problem has a simply solution. Just landscape attack (option-click) the ball with your archer/dwarf/fetch's back toward you. More often than not, the ball comes right out.

*You may want to try this map at least more than once to get used to the unique way the map is played. It can take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it really is a blast!

*This map takes place underground, so it's supposed to be dark. If you are having real problems seeing enemy units (if someone's team colors are black) just turn up your screen brightness and the problem is solved.*The little sparkle things in the middle of the map are simply decoration. They don't bite.

*This map is HUGE! You may want to have the time limit for the map to be at least 10 min or more.Whew! This map certainly has quite a bit of personality! It may sound complex and buggy, but really, the bugs are very rare and the map is very fun. Plus many of the bugs can't be helped because again, myth wasn't supposed to do this stuff.


A very Special Thanks to:The Berks! (KW, Berk, Gorm, Graf, Binky, End, Broken, Dark, Kerouac, and Rotten Core) For bearing with me all throught the beta testing! Thanks so much guys!Thanks to the excellent people who made the map editors!Gault for making a post about my map on Balin's Bar.Bungie for making myth!All of those people who commented on my map at Libram Arcanum. Those critisims helped me to make this map 10000 times better than MY HILL, my first map.


This map is dedicated to my good friend Eliza Nelson.

Visit the HATE MAN site for more info!--http://home.earthlink.net/`mosirai

Thanks Everyone! Have fun!
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