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In Farnsworth, a town near Mygrad, there is hardly a dwarf on the streets or in the local ale house. Sounds and smells of explosives litter the main street. Those dwarves are at it again. In the field next to the ale house, dwarves are seen lanching flaming mortars and starting fires.

Thanks to the help of Gutterangi, a local mage, the dwarves have successfully created probably the most devastating weapon...the Dwarven Heloxide-Nuclear Fusion Bomb. Or simply: the H.N.F.B. This mortar has thermo-nuclear capabilitys. The Dwarves also mastered the art of Napalm Mortars. These babies burn things, a lot...

This is a NEW plugin, and includes nothing anyone else did, if there is a resemblance, too bad.
This plugin includes TWO modified units (more like new ones...)!!!!!
The two new unit are the Dwarven Infantry/Artillery (he has an obliterating surprize!), and the Dwarven Burner.
Both have new text, flavor, and new attacks, plus the old Dwarven Mortar attack. The Dwarven Infantryman is a Dwarven Mortar, and the Burner is a dwarf Mortar Hero.

If anyone wants to use this in one of their plugins, email me. Most likely I'll accept and let you use it. And if you don't ask, at least give me credit? I'd do the same for anyone else.

And the copyrights...
Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products
Corporation, created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing

As always,
Pendragon -FoD-

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