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Dwarf Rockets 3b NR WP

Original "Dwarf Rockets" (RocketDwarfs.zip) by ig98
Modification by Baak'lor (aka Baak)

Dwarf Rockets 3b NR WP includes the Dwarf Rocket 2 changes:

(1) No "debris" from explosions (thus eliminating "Out-of-Projectiles" problem)
(2) Added a very small magical effect at explosion point
(3) Changed the "bounce" sound from a normal Dwarf bottle bounce to a
"Chicken Death"!! lol! This is quite amusing sometimes!

As well as:

(1) No "Friendly Fire" auto-attack - which means you must attack with them!

So basically these guys are nearly invincible - nearly! ;)

This is an "experimental" mod and thus the bizarre name - it *is* handy to use
on those solo/co-op levels where you just want to wreak total havoc and don't
care about realism! :D

Thanks to ig98 for the original "Dwarf Rockets" - killer unit mod! :)


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