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Read Me.txtƺƿ8"ƾJJ+8˔ƿLTEXTttxt}e9Deep in the hills, far to the east of Myrgard, a secluded group of Dwarves have long lived away from the rest of the world, with no contact with any living being, save for the Falcons of the area. The birds would scout and hunt for the Dwarfs, and the Dwarfs would provide shelter and care for the birds young. In those long years, they developed an odd bond with the Falcons. Whenever a Dwarf is born, it is bonded with a newborn Falcon by arcane Dwarven Magiks. The Dwarf is permanently connected to his Falcon, feeling what it feels, and seeing what it sees. Now, the Lights struggle against the Dark has spread even to the Dwarve Falconers land. With the Hawk Dwarves facing destruction, they have no choice but to cast their lot with the forces of the Light.

The Falcon Dwarf, has a very long range Hawk attack(duh). This attack has about the range of a bowman heros attack, but is much for damaging. This sounds kindof unfair, but it has some limitations. The attack is mana based, and they will only be able to use it three times before they need to rest, and there is a long reload between attacks. You'll havta be very careful on assassin games, because a falcon attack can take down a peasant in one blow. the best way to counter a Dwarf Falconer is either a rush with a bunch of Ghols, or a Falconer of your own:).

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If For Some Strange Reason You Want To Use This In A Map
Just email me first, and mention me in your read me.

Thanks to:
OogaBooga, for helping me debug this plug so it didnt crash anymore.
Clan Idiot, for being the wonderful fools that they are
Bungie, for makeing this awsome game
Apple, for making the great imac that Im typing on right now

Legal Garbage
Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear by Caleb Hutchins (Demosthenes)
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