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Read me firstd{8"{*Jd(dcSfx{e TEXTttxt@ $5<Dusty Trail FINAL version, made and designed by Gizmo HB

Dusty Trail is a desert map with 2 small villages on it, this map uses the vista sheep and the Dhemori Tower (bones of feros).

This map has got 5 different meshes:

Dusty Trail (Giant Version) is a GFG map with 8 starting positions, u can get up to 3 myrk giants max.

Dusty Trail (2 Teams) is a map with 2 verry large teams, the besy way to play this map is 5 vs 5

Dusty Trail (4 Players) is a great ffa map, u can also play this with small teams (2 or 3 ppl).

Dusty trail (trow version) trows herons and myrks

Dusty Trail (Dwarf riot), lots of dwarfs

Check out www.HBclan.da.ru for more great maps.

Gl and HF

these maps were made by:

- Frank "Gizmo HB" Douwes
- the Boogerman HB
- The Crow HB
- Galthor AI
- Havin' a Blast Productions

this map was made with:

- Fear v1.2
- Loathing v1.2
- Tag Extractor v1.0
- Amber v2.0b5
- Photoshop
- Painter classic v1.0
- Fireworks 2 and 2

special thanks to:

- Bungie, for making a great game and mapmaking programs.
- Santa's Head, for making the WWII Units.
- Vista, the makers of Amber
- The makers of tag extractor
- the Boogerman
- the ppl at all the mythII forums and messageboards

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie software Co. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Frank "Gizmo" Douwes, HBclan2000@Hotmail.com

FD HB 2000, plz do not sell this file, available at www.HBclan.da.ru

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