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Drearr's Glade 1.0
A once prosperous community overrun by rising floods and an ominous past. Drearr's Glade is a 5-team FFA set in a muddy swamp-like environment. 3 unit variation map types are Light, Dark, and Peasant Riot.(w00t!)
So your not lost here is some info on the Peasant units:

*Poachers (higher vitality)
*Swineherd (a bit modified)
*Explosive egg lobbing chickens (its true!)
*Peasant bomb fodder (run around dropping satchels, use "t" to drop one that is lit :P)

Have fun mb.

Made in whole or in part using Fear and Loathing programs. Copyright 1998 Bungie Software.
Map plugin created by remedial. at: remedial14@hotmail.com

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