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			Dreamseedz Readme
1. Story
2. How to use this plug
3. Credits
4. Thank you's
5. Contact
6. Legal info

1. Story-
When a reality is born of a god's dream the fabric that binds it slowly densifies from a malleable state.
In the world of Acknahara reality is in such an early stage. The supernatural realm that envelops it bleeds in through every crack and sliver it finds.Those whose souls grow old and live in the transcending path become masters of the energy that gives life to their surrounding.
These are the sorcerers of Acknahara and their most direct and immediate resource to this energy comes from unlocking the lifeforce compressed in the seeds of powerful plants.
Acknahara exists as many islands lost in what seems an infinite ocean. The story begins on the island of Entarguyec, a once peaceful place that has now given home to a detrimental disturbance. Apart from the few towns that rest upon the island there also lays the Verguzemolark temple which has become the dwelling of a dark sorcerers clan.Referred to as the Molark, there are many suspicions that demonic forces have begun to play a part in the 'magickal expansion' of the clan.Having enlisted the aid of the primitive race, Garlocxions, the Molark have decimated the once lush valley that cuts through the heart of the island by breeding two of the most powerful life sucking plants known in this world, Vetruliac and Sebal's sak.
Their endeavour's may have gone without conflict had their 'expansion' been a bit more subtle, however their venture has incorporated kidnapping prisoners from local towns and sacrificing them to the sebal's sak that is known for growing best with blood, preferably human. As well as having the garlocxians breed their hostile smagort creatures that serve two purposes, one being that they are cannibalistic and have a dramatic life cycle and can therefore help sustain the land and two, that they will ward off any trespassers.
It is now that the nearby kingdom of Brymadore of the Brymadorian island have been called forth by the inhabitants of Entarguyec who have begun fleeing the island out of fear. It has been known from the past that mortal armies perform poorly when confronting a band of sorcerers, especially ones as powerful as some predict the Molark have become, mainly due to the fact that large bodies of men can be easily foreseen coming miles afar by sorcerers.
Because of this the Brymadorian Legion have enlisted the help of the Zael circle, a large group of peaceful sorcerers that have made home the legendary Zaelvanipura temple of the Brymadorian island..
Thus we arrive with Matoliar along with his apprentice Gemoralia leading the small group of Brymadorian soldiers into the southern end of the Entarguyec valley that leads north to the Verguzemolark temple. Having called upon the aid of the spirit guides, Matoliar and the others await the arrival...

2. How to use this plug-
First, unstuff this plugin. You should be able to do this with Aladdin Expander, which comes with most computers. If you don't have it, venture on over to aladdinsystems.com to get it.
Next, take the file labeled "Dreamseedz" and place it in your plugins folder.
Boot up myth and press New Game. Level one of Dreamseedz is near the bottom, in purple. It's called "Entarguyec Valley". Click on this and press "ok".
Also, the file entitled "DS level one film" is a myth recording of Darth Maul playing through level one on normal. This will help if you can't figure out where to go or just need to watch a master show you his little tricks.
Enjoy, and don't forget to read the hints!

3. Credits-
The Dreamseedz concept was created by MPM. Not to mention the colormaps, meshes, units, scenery, retextured models, and art. :) Narrations were done by A-Bomb, using music by the Gingu project. Various mesh fixes, scripting fixes, readme, added scripting, difficulty modifications, spellchecking, film, several new flavor texts, and stuff(TM) by Darth Maul. Sounds by Joyeuse and A-Bomb. Fixed overhead maps by Giant of the Idiot Mapmaking Collective (www.idiotcollective.com). Released through They Might Be Mapmakers.

4. Thank You's-
MPM would like to thank Darth Maul and TMBM for their incredible efforts in helping. He'd also like to thank everyone on the forums who helped him figure out all the bugs he ran into.
Darth Maul would like to thank A-Bomb for redoing the narrations so many times, and Joyeuse for uploading the sounds so many times, as well as MPM for creating such a cool project. He'd also like to thank Giant and Elijah of Idiots Mapmaking Collective for testing and giving great feedback.

5. Contact-
You can contact TMBM in general at they_might_be_mapmakers@hotmail.com.
You can contact the TMBM leader, Darth Maul, at hamfam@jps.net.
You can contact MPM at mpercaval@home.com.
You can find TMBM's website at tmbm.8m.com.
You can check out the Dreamseedz website at http://www.members.home.net/mpercaval/DS_home.html, or if you'd rather not write such a long address, go to the TMBM link-to-Dreamseedz at tmbm.8m.com/ds.htm.
You can check out MPM's art site at www.members.home.net/mpercaval/home.htm.
To check out the Idiot Mapmaking Collective, go to www.idiotcollective.com.

6. Legal Stuff-
Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by They Might Be Mapmakers.


-Darth Maul ~TMBM Leader~-

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