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			Dreamseedz Tagsetv1.0 Readme
1. About
2. How to use this plug
3. Credits
4. Thank you's
5. Contact
6. Legal info

1. About-
Dreamseedz tagset takes the beautiful units of the Dreamseedz solo
campaign and puts them in an entertaining multiplayer setting. Gameplay
is unique, featuring basic units as well as specialized Wizards, making
it important to cover your firepower (your Wizard) while persueing normal
tactics. Battle across the familiar Entarguyec Valley setting, swamps,
bright valleys, and other strange locations. Utilize fire, flaming stones,
and freezing winds to stop your enemies. Fight. Win. Taunt.
Furthermore, the Dreamseedz tagset replaces some normal myth units,
allowing for a unique blend of Dreamseedz units and myth units fighting
alongside each other. It allows you to fight Soulblighter with your
elite team of Brymidorian crossbowmen, or cast burning stones at a group
of thrall while on the island on Dead Man's Chest.

2. How to use this plug-
First, unstuff this plugin. You should be able to do this with Aladdin
Stuffit Expander, which comes with most computers. If you don't have it,
head on over to aladdinsys.com to get it.
Next, take the file labeled "Dreamseedz tagset" and "Dreamseedz Multi
Pack" and place them in your plugins folder.
Next put the file called "Main Menu Plugin" and put it in your plugins
folder. A WARNING: This will make games without this plugin red and
unplayable on bungie.net. Install this while playing Dreamseedz, but
take it out when not playing Dreamseedz.
Boot up myth and go to multiplayer. Choose a Dreamseedz map (they're
purple, called "Kaelvranpik Swamp", "Insomnia", and "Return to the Valley".
Next click the "plugins" button and choose "Dreamseedz tagset".
Now simply play the level. Playing without the tagset selected will
result in a crash to the Main Menu.
If you wish to play normal Myth maps (solo or multiplayer) with Dreamseedz
units, simply add the "Dreamseedz tagset" in plugins, and choose a myth map.

3. Credits-
The Dreamseedz concept was created by MPM. Not to mention the units,
scenery, retextured models, etc. Sounds were made by Darth Maul and
Joyeuse. The Dreamseedz tagset was designed by Darth Maul. Maps were
made by Darth Bane, Qui-Gon Gandalf, and Tonatiuh. Fear work, amber work,
interface work, music, and stuff(TM) was done by Elijah. Pope's Large
Boulders were used for an attack. Some amber work was done by Tonatiuh,
as was some retexturing. Art was done by TJ as was the netgame flag.
The Dreamseedz Tagset was designed and created by They Might Be Mapmakers.

4. Thank You's-
TMBM would like to thank MPM for creating Dreamseedz and letting us carry
on the series.

5. Contact-
You can contact TMBM in general at tmbm@tmbmcentral.net.
You can contact the TMBM leader, Darth Maul, at darthmaul@tmbmcentral.net.
You can contact MPM at mpercaval@home.com.
You can find TMBM's website at www.tmbmcentral.net.
You can find Pope at pope.creationgames.com.
You can check out the Dreamseedz tagset site at www.tmbmcentral.net/dsmulti/dsmulti.htm.

6. Legal Stuff-
Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by They Might Be Mapmakers.


-Darth Maul ~TMBM Leader~-

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