; Mythgraveyard

	Hi and thank you for getting my first map "Dragon Ball Z" 

It is based off a picture of Picolo a character in Dragon Ball Z.

I got the plugin version to work. So just place this in "plugins".

On this map there are 3 starting locations, each with a

different set of units. There are Light, Dark, and "other".

Just try it out and you'll see.

Even though it looks like a unit shouldnt be able to walk somewhere

they probably can. There are only a few places where units cant walk.

The crevaces allow ambushes or hinding assassin units ect.

Try this one blind.

I dont think that the amount of points per team adds up to

be the same so be careful when playing BC. If this becomes too big

of a problem i will change it in the future. Also im not sure if the

balance of the teams is quite right, I may need to adjust it a little.

So far i think all of the games I have emplemented work correctly.

It contains all modes except captures, scav. hunt, and balls on parade.

This is a beta version but if there aren't any problems it will be the final.

Any questions or comments e-mail me at GoldbergDB@aol.com

-Orlando the Axe-

This map was created in part by Bungie's Fear & Loathing.

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