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In an attempt to bring back Dorfball and having no colourmapping skills, I took the Venice
mesh and cropped out the outer areas and used the middle for the arena. I added some extra
stuff for you to stand behind for cover. This map is very small and can even work one on one
provided it isnt Legendary because it gets difficult to manage all the special balls alone.
I suggest three on three games for the most excitement but it can handle up to ten players
with the ten dwarven units. Stay tuned for more, I plan on releasing a four start map from
another of Bungie's meshes and possibly more two starts, heck I may even try more than four
although that might get confusing. I also dont recommend playing on Legendary because when the
balls drop there arent a whole lot of areas to be that isnt near the drop point. Last but not
least, be kind to the refs! I added a healing script so you cant kill them with normal balls
although you can still kill them with one of the balls(*cough*red*/cough*).

P.S. I know you can push the balls through the walls but you can on normal Venice too. Should
anyone do this people should shout things at them like "l4m3!" and "ch33tz!" and then severly
beat their @$$.

P.P.S. You cant play this map without the Dorfball_Tagset_v1 in your plugins folder.

Synapsed - Idea, Readme, Fear and Loathing work and anything else Xap didnt do.
Xap - Pregame, aligned all the colours on the Venice walls because I had trouble doing it.

Copyright Stuff
Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with
Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Chad Careswell, synapsed@home.com

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