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Drunk and Lost in the Ermine Arena
A Dorfball Arena by DrunkBob (brendan@cruzio.com)
http://www.hexographica.com/brendanr/ermine/ or at the Mill.

This is a Dorfball Arena, as in an add-on to Badlands' Dorfball tagset. This Arena will only work with that plug-in enabled. You can find that tagset at the Mill (www.millarchives.com) or at a local Myth Hotline server.

Obligatory Inane Myth Story

Once upon a time, there was a little dwarf named Snort, and he was quite drunk. He was strolling on his favorite little woodland trail until he accidentally walked 1,345 miles off course. With his second lieutenant Jack Daniels guiding his way, Snort eventually came across a group of grunting woodland creatures. They wore random bones all over their bodies and had big sharp nasty teeth. Snort was scared of these big bad men and was about to run far, far away and cry all day long. But then he noticed that they were standing next to a large pile of candy.

"Candy must mean they are friendly, and they are probably opening a little happy woodland boutique!" thought the very daft Snort. So he decided to say hello to these happy creatures, who, at the moment, were swallowing babies whole.

"Hello friendly friends!" said Snort. The demonic looking creatures looked up, and grunted a whole bunch. Finally one stood up, trotted over to Snort, put his bloody clawed arm around Snort's shoulder, and said the following: "Midget fight in steel cage pay-per-view. Or summarize the collective works of Proust. Can't afford Time-Life volume series."

Snort was in a pickle! He had only read three novels of the Proust's works, and he never understood the motifs present throughout Swann's Way. Thus, he was thrown into a pit and forced to throw random multicolored balls at other uncultured dwarves. Snort's team always lost to the team that had not read Hegel. He suffered a serious injury by midget three years later and now drools a lot. So please, never drink and become lost in the Ermine.


A scenic little forest arena, with fog from Badlands' Chimera, with an inexplicable white disco platform in the center.

Explosive craters surrounding the center. These jets will set off explosions, move projectiles, and hurt your Dorfs if they get too close. They explode sequentially every 30 seconds or so.

Due to the request of many, there are tossable midget dwarves. They cause a good bit of damage upon impact and most likely set off explosives. Thus, be warned. And in case you fear midgets as all good Americans should, you can shut off their appear by playing on Normal or lower difficulties. Otherwise, each team will get two to start off with, and they will occasionally appear to the sides of the map.

There is hunting enabled, and you basically have to rid of the world of midget dwarves. Stupid midgets.

Even stranger, stampede is enabled. You have to move a group of slow, explosive haxed ghols to the enemy's flag. They are quite slow, so plan your assaults carefully.

Other little things that I am too lazy to tell you about! HOORAY!


Thanks to all my testers at SSHL (especially Silver Dragon who insisted on the midget dwarves and gave me those neato screenshots on the map's page), all my VRHL dawgs for being hot mammas, Badlands for creating this concept and fog, especially Ferrex who helped with the bit of unused (but very interesting) scripting, and Hexographica just because.

Copyright 1997-2001 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by DrunkBob (Brendan Rehon), brendan@cruzio.com. And copyright thins for Dorfball stuff, that Chimera fog too by Badlands, etc. The graphics are mine though (not the unit things, but the color map and pregame and stuff), so yeah (?)

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