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DORF MOUNTAIN is an AWESOME place to fight. The mountain gets higher and higher toward the center, with each rock wall acting as another step up (see overhead pic). Height advantages play a huge role in the strategy of this map, and it really is great fun. 

- Get a bunch of dwarves... make them walk faster... give them 99 satchels each. Then get 16 players, give each of them 5 dorfs, and have them battle it out on a map thats all about height advantages. Add in a few piles of cannonballs for that extra little something, and viola! You have the DORF RIOT mesh! :)

- Get 4 players and give them all a bunch of Stygian Knights. Then give each player some dwarves to take down the Stygs. And just for fun, give them some archers to sniper the dwarves! And, since you're on a roll, throw in some speedy Myrmidons to keeeelz de archers. A Heron Guard Hero (funny names included) leading each team completes the map, and there you have it: DORF MOUNTAIN LIGHT. :)

- Too cheery for ya? No problem. Take a walk on the dark side, with ghols, spiders, soulless, warlocks, skeletons, wights, and other dark creatures under your command. A nice 4-start mesh with intersting strategies used, especially since soulless can float right up the rock walls of the mountain. Watch your skeletons, as one well-placed fireball can wreak havoc on your forces. DORF MOUNTAIN DARK. :)

**********And...... the mother of all meshes...... the most fun-filled, explosion-filled one of them all:

- Don't worry, don't worry... I didn't forget a 2-team mesh! ;) First of all you have your melee: 50 Skeletons and 48 Myrmidons. "Pretty awesome army," you think to yourself. You march forward with your troops, basking in your supposed invincibility until... BOOOOOOOOOOOM! ::gets a dictionary and looks up BOOM::

BOOM (boom), noun.
1. A molatov cocktail from above, where rows of enemy dwarves stand upon a high ledge looking down upon you.
2. A Dispersal Dream (a.k.a. OMFG WTF iz happening!!!!!), in which case there will be several more BOOMs within next few seconds.
3. A fireball from your opponents warlock, ripping your troops apart as if they were yesterday's frosted mini wheats. Possibly powered up by one of the several Magical Warlock Staffs around the map (the artifact found on Shiver, remember that? ::grins:: yeeesss... :)
4. Puss packets, whether from a wight explosion or from a ghol hurling it at your troops. Devastating, isn't it? ;)
5. Shiver's close range ground attack, or... even more devastating, her death explosion - something you just do NOT forget once it has happened to you.
6. Satchel charges and/or cannonballs (big BOOMs). Dorfs carry 99 satchels each, there are cannonballs lying around the map, and archer's fire arrows can set satchels off very nicely. Also, cannonballs have a tendancy to fly across the map when launched into the air by molotavs, so be careful out there. ;)
7. Two words: Exploding Deer.

Now, add the cute couple of Shiver and Soulblighter, plus Alric on Legendary just for kicks, and what... do... you... have? DORF. MOUNTAIN. OverKiLL.


Truly a fun and unique map, please give it a try. Find me as Captain Pringle on bnet and I'll gladly play this or any other map with you. Happy Mything!

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