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About This Plugin 

This plugin has been provided for public use in Myth II and 3rd party maps as well as other map plugins. There are some conditions on using the Dorf Flak in your own plugins however. You may include the Dorf Flak in your own plugins considering that you give credit to me (for the idea) and to Bungie (for the tools and the tag substrates) in the documentation accompanied by my email address:


You must not alter the tags without my permission.

How to Use This Plugin

To use this plugin put the 'Dorf Flak v1.15b1' plugin into the 'Plugins' folder found inside your 'Myth II' folder. Or to include them in your own maps, open the plugin with TagExtractor and extract the individual tags. TagExtractor can be found at the Vista map cartel site:

What This Plugin Does

Dorf Flak v1.15b1 introduces a mortar dwarf replacement unit: the Dwarf Flak Mortar unit. This unit has an attack that shoots a mortar that distributes shrapnel to the target which causes the desired damage. It should be important to note that the mortar shells roll to a stop before detonating. If you are aiming at someone it might just bounce off them and roll to a safe distance. This attack requires a different strategy very much like "Minelayers" and "Balins" do. These new units also have a special attack that launches a mortar round containing wight pus packets. These are nasty... as bad as a wight attack... except it is delivered to the enemy at a distance. Of course if this dwarf suffers a "hard death" its volatile cargo can cause some major problems. Because of the dangerous repurcusions of this type of mortar attack, each dwarf only has two pus mortars... and no new munitions can be picked up. So use your new munitions wisely.

Finally, these dwarfs have a faster speed than normal dwarfs - they move slightly slower than a warrior. These dwarves also wear a special flak jacket that allows them to absorb a wee bit more damage than a normal dwarf.

Semi-version History

At the time of this posting the last bug that was reported was one whereby the engine was overwhelmed causing the players using it to become out of sync. It appears that v1.15b1 fixes that bug. If it persists let me know and I will pull this version of the plugin offline and work on it. Just so you know, one OOS game is not a bug. If EVERY TIME you use the plugin and you go OOS then that is a bug.

1.15b1 Fixes OOS bug.

1.14b1 Reduced speed of dwarf, lowered damage potential, and number of attacks/second. Minor cosmetic changes concerning Names, Flavor, etc.

1.13b1 First net tested version. Reduced Special attack number. Minor changes concerning primary attacks

Fine Print

By using this plugin you are agreeing to the terms specified in the accompanying legal document. All appropriate graphics (C) 1997, 1998 Bungie Software Products Corporation. This plugin made with Fear (C) 1998 Bungie Software Products Corporation on a Macintosh G3.

Please report any bugs to me at the e-mail address listed above. Bungie could care less about any bugs in a 3rd party plugin.

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