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The flies buzz persistently around your head as you stagger onwards
through the desert. The harsh rays of the unforgiving sun beat down
on you, making you regret the day you ever donned the bearskin coat and
gold tiles.

Gusts of wind kick up choking plumes of dust and sand, and in the shimmering
heat you see ahead of you the dim, wavy shapes of the undead that block your
path. "The enemy is near" you cry, urging your weary men onwards to once
again force a path marked by their shed blood.

The Codex is out there somewhere among the desolate mesas of the Barrier, but
you begin to doubt whether any of your party will live to retrieve it...

This latest incarnation of Dol Baran features a new solo/co-op, three 5-start
FFAs, two large 2-team meshes and a 2 team Special Forces mesh featuring some
of the gameplay of the upcoming Special Forces v2 plus a new VC Sniper unit. The
mesh has more units (and unit types) available on higher difficulty levels.

Unlike its predecessor the co-op does not have TFLish physics built in, so it
can be played in myth 2 style, with Anticlump or with TFL Gameplay (vTFL) active.


Simply copy the file Dol Baran v2 to your plugins folder under your Myth 2
install. As the solo uses mapmaking enhancements introduced in Myth 2 1.4, we can
only verify that it works in 1.4 through to 1.4.4.


Colormap and original concept: Sandman
Solo level design and scripting: IronDuke
Journeyman Voices: Mark Pence.
Testers included: woof, scrapnjack, lank, BlackAngel, Infininight, GHOST, Grasshopper, ChrisP.

Project Magma recognizes the pre-existing rights and responsibilities of Bungie Software
Products Corporation. Portions of this plugin made with Fear, Loathing and other Bungie
products remain under the prior licence agreements for use of those products.

Special Forces Changes

1. Hueys, Howitzers and Tanks are now healed to a much lower level.

2. Hueys now have less range on their attacks, they have a limited number of missiles, and
the missiles damage units over a smaller radius. Their trading value has increased from 6
to 10, and to make up for their loss of dominance they can now see further than any other
unit except for Captains and can fire their missiles with far less delay between shots.

3. Howitzers now fire using the RPG method (ie, click on ground halfway to target) by default,
and are less accurate with a longer delay between shots using mana so you can see when they're
ready to shoot. They no longer have a special attack.

4. Captains, like Hueys, can see further than other units.

5. The VietCong Sniper has been introduced. He shoots single bullets at extreme range with
deadly accuracy, uses a knife up close and will blow himself up if you hit T.

6. Medics with full mana can heal 4 units in quick succession, however the mana recharges slower
so there is a longer delay between individual heals once its used.

7. M60 Support units actually hit their targets now.

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