; Mythgraveyard

Depression and Anguish
Scripting by Fury IX
Cmap by Creation (Chimera)
Additional scenery made by Sillek
Unit sprites collected from other plugins
Special thanks to SoulBlaster

Our forces:

2 Dwarf Heroes: who are a little stronger and faster than normal dwarf heroes, and have a mana based satchel throw. They cant stab but are very resistant to explosions so they can blow enemy up close range.

5 Beserk Maniacs: These are high resolution beserks (thanks to Iron) that are very tough and powerful, and have a mana based adrenaline system; when their mana gets depleted they go into a frenzy and start to rip the enemy apart. Mana recharges pretty fast and takes about 10 hits on an enemy to go into frenzy. They can also pick up dropped ghol cleavers and throw them at enemies, doing a fair amount of damage. They also have a short range detonator to trigger any explosives nearby, but it by itself does no actual damage.

1 Arc Hero: This is the tsg elven archer spy, whose is now very fast and strong. She has a powerful poison dagger that stuns enemy while she kills them. She also has a unlimited regular bow shot, and 3 quivers of special arrows. Razor Arrows are very sharp and will go straight through the enemy, killing several in a line. Stun Arrows also will slice through several enemy, though will not do as much dmg and will stun the enemies it hits. Blunt Arrows bounce off enemy, and can confuse. She also has a spider that she can summon at will; it is uncontrolable and will attack the nearest enemies and never stop. She then has to make the spider disapear before it dies and is gone forever. And... She can slip into the woods and is nearly undetectable by the enemy. In other words she can teleport at will, and when she reapears she is invisble, like Jari in Into the Breach. She will not trigger some of the enemy, so she must be careful about getting spawned on.

1 Wolf Captain: Fenris is much tougher and has a very powerful sword blast used with T that will do massive damage to a small radius. He also has an uncontrolable pet wolf that follows him around but can be controled by using fenris's inventory. He also can summon a few whirlwinds...

All our forces can heal themselves or others with roots mainly dropped by enemy forces. Also they can all find various other specials (from Jagmans myth+). Green orbs heal if exploded, Blue orbs kill if exploded, White crytsals explode like a time-bomb after dropped. All troops can pick up and relight dud bottles too.


Lots of Orcs from Myth Addicts site
Trolls, Orcans, Wolfs, Changlings, and Dragon from tsg
Large Mauls, Ghols, Soulless, and Dust Minions from Myth + (best plugin ever)
Dragon Soldiers from Dreamseeds

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